Diagnosis and treatment of prostate stones to control diet is more important

For any disease In order to be diagnosed, be sure to carry out the details an examination The prostate Yes male Friends of the important gonads, we must do nursing work, so as not to the body health Cause influence. In recent years, the incidence of prostate stones has been an upward trend, you want to diagnose whether suffering from prostate stones, be sure to check. So what do you need to check for prostate stones?
How to check the prostate stones
Male experts pointed out that the simple prostate stones symptom Not very obvious, but the appearance of prostate stones are generally accompanied by other prostate disease, so often appear dysuria, urinary tract weakness, urine drops and urinary frequency and so may appear. If there is such a symptom to be timely hospital Check whether the prostate stones are present.
Under normal circumstances, prostate stones need to do the inspection mainly in the following points:
First, B super (color ultrasound) check: Can be found within the prostate strong echo light light group, the size varies, the number of different forms and uneven distribution, after the silent sound or sound shadow, mostly distributed at the junction of the internal and external glands and lateral margins, rarely occurs in Internal capsule. this is clinical On the more common diagnostic tools.
Second, rectal examination: Can be found in most patients with different degrees of prostate enlargement, if the stones are small and the number of small, can not touch the stones, such as stones and more, you can palpable stones of friction, such as stones larger, then palpable hard stones The
The same time as the above- Third, the basin flat film: Often in the examination of other diseases of the prostate when shooting X-ray film, found that there are prostate stones, stones were round, oval, multi-faceted or radial, layered. Stones are generally located in the pubic symphysis from top to bottom, the middle line on both sides of 1-3cm range, or under the pubic symphysis, which is the projection center of the tilt and the size of the prostate.
For most of the small and many prostate stones that are not intended to be found in routine X-ray examinations, as long as they are static and asymptomatic treatment , Only regular X-ray review, dynamic observation of the size of stones change. For the cause of prostate stones, or merger, etc., the presence of prostate stones on other complications of treatment have adverse effects, should be carried out by drugs or surgery.
Treatment of prostate stones
1, drink plenty of water
Drinking water to dilute the urine, to alleviate the symptoms of prostate stones is helpful, prostate stones patients drink plenty of water a day, the best day to discharge about 1.14 liters of urine.
2, eat more foods rich in vitamin A
Patients with prostate stones need to use vitamin A-rich foods, because vitamin A can maintain urethral endometrial health, help to avoid symptoms of prostate stones increased, but also can prevent recurrence of prostate stones. Such foods include: carrots, green cauliflower, foreign melon, melon, bovine liver, but high doses of vitamin A toxic, before taking the best consult a doctor.
The same time as the above- 3, control the intake of calcium
Calcium is one of the major substances in the formation of prostate stones, therefore, patients with prostate stones should try to control calcium intake, do not eat too much oxalate-rich foods, including beans, beets, celery, chocolate, grapes, Parsley, spinach, strawberry and tea. General stomach medicine often contains a high amount of calcium, if suffering from calcium stones, then taking the stomach should choose less calcium content of the brand.
The same time as the above- Tip: It should be noted that the control of calcium intake, does not mean that the ban on calcium intake, calcium is the body of the necessary minerals, the appropriate intake is necessary, the patient is best able to under the guidance of a doctor, reasonable control of calcium intake Volume, while more exercise, to minimize the deposition of calcium in the blood.
The same time as the above- 4, taking magnesium and vitamin B6
Prostate stones patients can take magnesium and vitamin B6, scientific research shows that the appropriate magnesium and vitamin B6 can reduce the recurrence rate of 90% of prostate stones, the treatment of prostate stones also help.
The same time as the above- 5, to reduce the amount of protein intake
Patients with prostate stones should try to control the intake of protein, excessive protein intake of patients with prostate stones harmful, common, including meat, cheese, fish and chickens are in the protein range.
The same time as the above- 6, to reduce the intake of salt

Salt and the formation of prostate stones are closely related, therefore, to control the prostate stones will reduce the intake of salt, try to eat a variety of high salt food.
The same time as the above- 7, limit the amount of vitamin C
Vitamin C We all know that it is a very beneficial substance to the human body, but it is not so perfect for patients who explain the patients, especially calcium oxalate stones. Experts suggest that patients with prostate stones, especially calcium oxalate stones to try to limit the amount of vitamin C.

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