What is the risk of bacterial prostatitis

The same time as the above- prostate Inflammation is very common male disease , And prostatitis can be divided into many types, bacterial prostatitis is only one of them, if suffering from prostatitis and not timely treatment Of the words, will cause great harm to patients. We are no stranger to the prostate disease, but it brought harm and not a few people can explain in detail. So, what is the harm of bacterial prostatitis?
The same time as the above- What is the risk of bacterial prostatitis?
First, the first easily lead to a variety of discomfort symptom The Bacterial prostatitis patients often show urinary urinary urgency and other symptoms of urination, there will be lumbosacral, will Genitals Pain, etc., seriously affect the daily work and life.
The same time as the above- Second, the second will lead to Sexual dysfunction The Bacterial prostatitis can be divided into acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis two kinds of chronic bacterial prostatitis longer course, to male Resulting in a huge psychological pressure, which lost interest in sexual life, such as long-term will lead to Impotence , Loss of libido, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction.
The same time as the above- Third, then it will lead to infertility. Prostate fluid is an important part of semen, the secretion of enzymes can promote semen, sperm activation, thereby enhancing sperm motility, but if the prostate inflammation, will reduce the production of enzymes, resulting in sperm do not liquefaction, so the ability of sperm activity Fall, easily lead to infertility.
So, how to treat bacterial prostatitis?
1, general treatment: Should be bed rest 3-4 days, a lot of drinking water, taboo drinking and eating spicy food. Feet hot water bath or perineal hot compress, and keep the stool smooth. Taboo life. Study on Acute Bacterial Prostatitis.

The same time as the above- 2, antibiotic treatment: When the patient's body symptoms are obvious, the body temperature is high, the blood white blood cells were significantly increased, should be intravenous administration, use 1 week after the use of oral medication until 1 month; when the patient's systemic symptoms are not heavy, body temperature and blood normal, Can be administered orally, the general course of treatment for 1 month. Should be able to disperse into the prostate and quickly and effectively anti-infective drugs, rapid control of symptoms, to prevent chronic prostatitis.
The same time as the above- 3, symptomatic treatment: Such as the occurrence of high fever, should be given antipyretic drugs, such as anti-inflammatory pain, aspirin and so on. Such as the occurrence of dysuria or urinary retention, should be temporary on the suprapubic bladder puncture stoma to drain urine, or the use of soft silicone catheter catheterization catheterization.
The same time as the above- 4, surgical treatment: If acute prostatitis has formed a prostate abscess, should be rectal or perineum incision drainage. If the abscess is confined to the prostate, you can use the urethral mirror line prostatectomy, and then injected with antibiotics.

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