Nourish the prostate may wish to try honey

The same time as the above- male of prostate There are two main problems, one is young people susceptible to chronic prostatitis, the second is more than 90% The elderly There will be benign prostatic hyperplasia.
"This is two completely different disease , There is a similarity: need to ensure health Of the way of life, in order to alleviate or avoid the disease development. If not long to sit, not a lot of drinking, eating spicy, usually do not hold back urine, suffering from constipation Or diarrhea, and have to quickly rule. "Because Chinese medicine believes that alcohol, eat irritation food And so easy to make hot endogenous, accumulated in the reproductive organs to the prostate congestion, causing prostatitis.
Exercise to improve the body immunity. Now there is a view that the body's immunity and prostate problems are related. such as cold , Cold may lead to prostate disease. Thus, men need to do more exercise to improve physical resistance, to avoid cold cold, this pair prevention Prostate disease is very necessary.
Eat pumpkin seeds, walnut. Chinese medicine has always been very particular about Sibu, to protect the prostate is no exception. Chinese medicine that kidney essence, and its reproductive, but also with the bladder, urination, so eat some of the kidney is very good for the prostate.
Pumpkin seeds, walnut is not only Bushen Jiapin, pumpkin seeds and diuretic function, walnut with moisturizing effect, so men to the elderly, should eat more pumpkin seeds and walnut, to kidney deficiency.
In addition, in recent years, many drugs for the treatment of prostate disease are added with pollen extract, experts suggest that men can also eat some pollen, especially rape pollen and rye pollen. As the honey contains the essence of pollen, so no men with diabetes, proper eating honey will also protect the role of the prostate. (Editor: Peas)

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