When women have the strongest sexual desire

What are some of the women who want sex life? When do women have an unforgettable ML experience? Is the honeymoon, such as glue, or the scene of the blend? Every woman may have a different experience. In general, the good feeling is mostly due to the following factors:

The same time as the above- 1. I have a strong desire, want, feel very relaxed, the most easy access to the situation.

For example, the experience of a interviewee: "I feel the best time to drink from a friend talk, he took me home is already more than five in the morning, my brother sleep in the room, I want him to wash his face, Take a break and go back, the result he was a cling to me said: 'I want!' That time we did not dare in the room loudly, afraid of awakening brother, but we also reached the high point ... ... that feeling good ! "

2. The other side of the performance is good, very considerate, good skills.

One of the respondents said: "The best experience is with my fourth boyfriend, he is a photographer, quite romantic, gentle, cool shape, with him often have some unexpected surprises. With him ML is a very beautiful thing, he will always find a comfortable place, put music, drink wine, the most important thing is that he will pay attention to my feelings, nor is it the kind of people who finished the fall, He will put a pool of warm water and I have a bath, that feeling never forget life.

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