How did the earthquake come?

Maybe you have read, and remind you once again: earthquake When are you hiding? If you follow our childhood teacher to teach us the way to hide under the table, under the bed, then, I must tell you that your casualty rate, up to 98 percent! The so what should I do now? US international search and rescue team leader to teach you the correct escape position.

Doug Kap is the United States international search and rescue team leader, since 1985, he and his team has been involved in the world's seventy-nine major disaster relief work, he had climbed nearly 700 because of the earthquake, Serious collapsed buildings are searched for trapped survivors and the remains of the victims. In addition to participating in two years ago, Japan Kobe earthquake and the United States Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing rescue work, twelve years to international news In the major disaster relief, he was absent.

People from small to large, in the earthquake drill, the teacher is always called the students to hide in the desk, Doug know this point, very anxiously repeatedly called: Do not hide in the table, under the bed, but to the table, Bed height is low posture, hiding in the table next to the bed.

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