What is he most concerned about in bed?

Compared with women, men are not too picky sex. But some of the details or you have to first pay attention to, for example: how can let him move for you to a climax? If you master the initiative in sex, will change what? Some of the details are often ignored by a woman, but it is enough to make men crazy for your core focus. What exactly is the man in bed? Seven reasons is that you can not ignore the points.

First look: hope she also has a sense of humor

On this issue, men are divided into two factions, one faction that it is very important, one school is completely ignored it. The former that humorous atmosphere helps to ease the embarrassing scenes, small jokes can stimulate the spark of love. If the occasional in the bed is not a simple thing, we want to laugh together happy, rather than laughing at you or laugh at me. How to position a man's humor? He can use irony to act, can happily get along with women, with a male charm. With this kind of person together, sexual partners are always happy.

The latter argues that sex is a work (or a drama event). For him, sex is a mood, and mood is a very important event, it is similar to business behavior. He speaks very little, whether bed or bed. In a similar drama in the passion of love, his behavior makes you think of a general in the performance of his business. So, as a woman, you tell him that there is a difference, you have to show your humor.

The second look: I hope she has orgasm

Some information shows that if a man finds himself unable to bring too much pleasure to a woman, he will feel sad. Even if he can enjoy the abundance of the United States feast, watching the wonderful football, he will not feel happy. As a woman, your passion and visible pleasure are the most essential things. But if the men do not experience, or will not use this, then you will still be very depressed. You have to say something, such as everything you do is so wonderful, I think I am afraid I can not wait at night. This will change the embarrassing situation, guide him to where you want to go.

The third look: hope she wears sexy in bed

Who cares what she wears? This is always a secondary question. A man said, he also said the voice of most men. But wearing sexy is often able to affect the orgasm of the time. And the duration is often a matter of concern to men. If a man is asked: when you undress her, if she wears sexy, do you like it? Most people admit that they are like this. A man who does not care about these is the answer: no matter how good to me, as long as she is not wearing too much. There is a lot of disagreement on this issue, but can not deny that wear is a factor that can not be ignored, and some men look at underwear, stockings will be excited.

The fourth look: hope she has a normal sexual attitude

This factor is important. Sometimes men can be pleasantly surprised to find that women can be as crazy as I am. And even some women are more violent than men. According to some ladies say: Oh, my day, I thought all day to do this kind of thing. She said that when she entered the house, step on the carpet there is such an impulse, and once really do this kind of thing, she will infinite lingering, so that men passionate waves, each action makes men feel just right.

A serious eight hundred, the board from the face of the woman certainly afflicted to the sex, too much madness is also a man do not want to see the crazy. Men think that women have the best one health Normal sexual attitude. The man said, I hope she can take a little human color to make love with me, but not exactly the same. So, if a man is afraid to make love, the reason is more of a woman's attitude, rather than a man's physical problems.

Fifth hope: hope she will not be silent in bed

Nothing can be more passionate than it is in the bed. Even if the issue of a slight hiss is also more than in the silent sex to stimulate the cause of your words must not be full of lust, must not buy at this time eloquence, must not issue a particularly big voice, as long as you can hear on the line Do not ask you for such words at bedtime. Many men say that the voice of a woman makes him feel that sex is so wonderful, so that they at the crucial moment fluttering for immortality, to achieve the limits of pleasure. Even if she only used the tongue to send a vague voice.

In the silent sex, men want to hear what kind of words? Through some introductory question and answer, some men talked about: give me direction. To the direction does not mean to be sure to say: Oh, here, here. But at the right time to encourage him to advance in your body. It is like on the road, if you do not want to ask the direction, then it is easy to lose. No sense of direction in bed is a very terrible thing. The second type of voice that a man wants to hear in bed is your screams or groans. For example, now love me and other lingering discourse. Interestingly, if we say that we are attracted to this kind of public culture vocabulary to make a taboo. Men do not need to compliment, but to come to the actual point of the fuse. Women, to grasp it ah.

Sixth hope: hope she can be comfortable

First, you will feel comfortable and will enhance your sexuality with him. It is better for a woman to relax and enjoy it as a tasty thing than to worry about your performance.

Second, you feel comfortable means that we all feel comfortable. Excessive attention to your flaws will inevitably cause concern to your own body, not the concern of our body. To cover themselves under the quilt, can only make us together on our sexual anxiety, which in turn affected the effect of sex. So, do not be old on their own bed to see whether it is perfect to spend the mind, in fact, off the lights this problem is not very important.

Compared with women, men are not too picky sex. But some of the details or you have to first pay attention to, for example: how can let him move for you to a climax? If you master the initiative in sex, will change what? Some of the details are often ignored by a woman, but it is enough to make men crazy for your core focus.

Seventh hope: she hopes for me and passionate surging

Hope she seems to be wholeheartedly for me, and really like what I do. Some men seem to be very concerned about the sound and silent sex, they think you are enthusiastic about him and the degree of enthusiasm is essential. Yes, men want a woman to be crazy for him. He is more willing to believe that he makes you wet, he makes you groan, not your own what? Sexual fantasies, or other situations. As a man, he wants to know what he can do to make you reach the best level. Sometimes even your sentence sounds irrelevant, and will make your sex life like a duck.

Most men do not want to admit, but on some issues, even some of the slugs will weigh: I can really in bed to please the other half? However, sometimes the key to the problem is that women can also be in love to pretend to move, rotate, push and pull, so even those most confident men, can not confirm whether you really like his way of making love. In fact, the more women can be a strong man and passion for the surging, the more able to guide the man to achieve the limits of pleasure.

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