How do men wear panties teach you the correct way

What men wear good underwear

1. It is advisable to go to work to fit square-shaped underpants or T-shaped underpants. These two models can be used to match the trousers or jeans that are most often worn when going to work.

What men wear underwear, men how to wear underwear, men how to clean underwear

2, leisure at home, loose flat pants as the first choice, the advantage is that the weekdays can be pressed tightly in the pants free movement of sexual organs. T-shaped underpants are preferred for loitering out, which can reduce the friction of the sex organs caused by larger amounts of activity (such as walking longer distances).

3, sports pants with good breathability, or similar to swimming trunks material, close-fitting breathable tights as well. The purpose is to minimize the friction between the thighs, the sacrum and the sex organs. In addition, the underwear designed for athletes is also good for sports wear. It is characterized by a three-dimensionally-cut triangular cup on the genitals. Each of the left and right legs has an elastic support for the buttocks to make your hips more masculine.

4, travel or travel, disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice. In addition, general white underwear can also be considered.

5, go to bed Preferred are four-corner underpants or flat-pants, or mesh-type sports shorts.

What men wear underwear, men how to wear underwear, men how to clean underwear

6, body fat and sweat, especially men who drive, should not always wear cotton underwear, should choose to feel smooth, sweat-absorbent and easy dry fabric (such as Korean silk fabric), if necessary, in the key parts with a cotton pad Panties to avoid feeling sticky. In addition, a fabric known as the last generation, feel comfortable, and the texture of pure cotton is quite similar, and the absorption and release of water faster than normal cotton 50%, is also worth recommending.

7. A thick-skinned man is suitable for wearing cross-cut briefs, which can make the legs look more slender.

8, tight elastic long leg underwear, trousers can reach the thigh length, is conducive to tight thigh muscles, shaping bodybuilding shape, suitable for young people who love bodybuilding.

9, no matter what style, it is best to choose light-colored underwear. The lighter the panties are, the less dye is used and the safer it is to wear.

10, newly purchased underwear must be washed before wear to prevent allergy Such accidents happen.

What men wear underwear, men how to wear underwear, men how to clean underwear

Men should pay attention to the hygiene of underwear

A scientific report shows that one health Adults have 10 million viruses, a million bacteria, a thousand parasites, and a hundred eggs attached to their underpants every day. This data is amazing, but it’s not an alarmist. . If we don’t change our underwear in a day, there will be countless life entities “close contact” with us. In the face of such a reality, is it true that the young partners have the power to change underwear?

Change the underwear, cleaning is very particular about, can not be free to clean the washing machine. Because the types of clothing washed by the washing machine are complex, such as sweaters, coats, sheets, etc., the dust, fluff, and bacteria adsorbed on the washing machines adhere to the underwear more or less. These attachments come in contact with our private skin. It can cause irritation, irritation, and other problems.

Therefore, underwear must be washed separately, preferably by hand, using special soap for underwear. After rubbing with the soap, the tiger's mouth and fingers of both hands rub against each other and knead, resulting in a rich foam. Then wash it with clean water several times and clean it. Xiao Bian suggested that we should use cold water or warm water to clean. Although hot water has good bactericidal effect, the material of underpants after washing will be decomposed and damaged, reducing the service life of underwear.

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