5 types of condoms

When couples are in the same room, if they don’t plan to have children for the time being, many people will choose condoms as contraceptive methods. Now buying condoms is also very convenient. Whether inside a pharmacy or in a supermarket, there are condoms available for consumers to choose from. There are more and more types of condoms for different consumer needs, but some condoms look good, but for men and women health Not good, if you have the following 5 kinds of condoms thrown away at home!

Which condoms cannot be used How to use condoms What to watch out for when using condoms

Men can't use condoms

1, luminous type condom

Some condoms are of the luminous type. These condoms use phosphor-containing paint to generate light. Although they can increase sexual interest, they have a high allergenicity. Therefore, they need to be cautiously chosen. Do not blindly seek new ideas.

2. Condoms with too thick latex particles

Some condoms have particles or a spiral pattern on the surface. When used, they can increase the frictional sensation of the vaginal wall and help to please the woman. But in comparison, some too thick latex particles will make the condom vulnerable to cracks, so some qualified products, the size of the particles will be limited, for safety reasons, or do not choose too coarse-grained condoms.

Which condoms cannot be used How to use condoms What to watch out for when using condoms

3, scented condoms

Many types of condoms, such as strawberry and chocolate, appear on the market today, making them easy to use. female Inflammation of the vagina, so when choosing to use these products, due to pay close attention to whether the vagina has abnormal vaginal secretions, to minimize the use.

4, drug-type condoms

These types of condoms have added nonoxynol spermicides, anti-inflammatory drugs, sexual excitement retardants, and bangspots to the sets. Although they have certain effects, regular use will definitely affect male Even the female reproductive system is best not to try it easily.

5, colored condoms

Although strictly speaking, colored condoms are not harmful, mainly to see the quality of condoms. However, when people choose condoms, they are often easily affected by the color, neglecting the key issue of quality, or choosing safe condoms without color.

Which condoms cannot be used How to use condoms What to watch out for when using condoms

How to use condoms correctly

First, take the condom out before sexual intercourse, tear open the package and carefully remove the condom.

Second, an examination Whether the curling part of the condom is on the outside or not, if it is not, it proves that it is worn. When wearing the condom, the air in the first seminal vesicle of the condom must be squeezed out.

Third, then slowly spread the condom to the end of the penis.

Fourth, Ejaculation After that, when the penis is still in the erection, you should immediately press the condom from the root of the penis by hand, and pull the penis out of the vagina as soon as possible. After the penis is completely removed, remove the condom and put it in a paper towel. In the trash can. (Reference site: 39 Health Network)

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