Experts teach you how to use condoms correctly

Condoms, a daily necessities that we all know, can also be regarded as men's products, and are basically used for sexual life. Because condoms can not only help us prevention Sexually transmitted diseases , can also achieve the effect of contraception. So many people use it in their sexual life. However, although many people use condoms, but do not know the correct use of condoms, so today Xiao Bian told everyone to talk about how to use condoms, so that it will not allow everyone to use the condom when there is a problem, Lead to the complete failure of the condom.

How to use condoms How to use condoms What to look for when using condoms

How to use condoms correctly

Do not use expired condoms

Although condoms are daily necessities, they still have expired. When we want to use condoms, we must first look at whether the condoms are out of date. Because of the expired condoms, it is easy to have problems. Causes the contraceptive situation to be affected.

Tear the package carefully

When using a condom, we need to tear the package first. Therefore, we must be careful when tearing the package, otherwise we will inadvertently tear the package apart, and don't cut it with scissors when tearing the condom. This is very easy to break the condom.

How to use condoms How to use condoms What to look for when using condoms

Do not spread condoms before use

When using condoms, many people will choose to start condoms first, which is wrong. Because when the condom is unfolded first, wrinkles appear when the condom is worn. The correct approach should be to wear the glans first, then slowly extend it inwards, so as to closely cover the penis.

The Wear condoms when erect

Many people wear condoms directly when their penis has not been erected or their erection hardness is insufficient. However, if you do this, is it not likely that the condom will be difficult to put on, and there will be direct deployment.

How to use condoms How to use condoms What to look for when using condoms

Remember to squeeze air

When we wear a condom, we often have air in the condom, and there is still air in the tail of the condom. This will lead to too much air and there will be condoms falling off, so we should wear contraceptives. In the kit, we need to gently squeeze the bump on the tail of the condom and press the air off. This will prevent the condom from falling off.

Choose your own model

Each person's penis scale is not the same, if you wear too small condoms will cause us to feel pain during sex. Too big a condom will cause the condom to fall off, so when using a condom, it's best to choose the size that suits you. ( 99 health ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint please indicate the source. )

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