Men’s watch care principles: waterproof, wear-resistant and dust-proof

a lot of male There is a beloved watch, and I hope to wear it all the time. The watch is an indispensable item in men's life. It is not only an accessory, but also a taste for men. How to care for the watch I bought? Watches for your attention.

How to care for watches How to maintain men's watches is better How to maintain men's watches

The waterproof

30 meters or 50 meters in the Swiss watch dictionary means that life is waterproof. Its real meaning is: try not to wet your watch. Only when the depth of the water proof reaches 100 meters can it be put into the water so as not to enter the water. Real diving watches often require a waterproof depth of more than 200 meters.

The Worn

Whether it is an all-steel or precious metal case, there is always the problem of wear. Many people think that the term stainless steel, or never worn, is attractive. But in fact, even the case made of even the best steel will have wear and tear. Even the clasps of everyday wear and table wear. For example, when we hit the keyboard, it will lead to the ugly pattern on the buckle. For this reason, proper care should be taken not to let the watch case and bracelet participate in unnecessary wear and tear but also to make our watch “looks new”.

The Magnetic field

Many people have this experience: The mechanical watch just bought has added some errors. The biggest culprit is magnetic. Because modern homes and social environments are full of electromagnetic fields, if you accidentally place your watch near your home TV, it will not take long for the movement to be magnetized. The significant change after magnetization is that the movement error of the movement becomes larger and larger. Of course, you don't have to panic, you can go to a professional agency to do degaussing after receiving magnetism. In order to save such trouble, it is recommended to keep the wristwatch that is not worn away from the strong magnetic field.

How to care for watches How to maintain men's watches is better How to maintain men's watches

The Temperature

I have seen some people wearing a diving table sauna. The temperature of the sauna is much higher than the normal outdoor temperature. For this reason, the instantaneous temperature difference will cause the waterproof gasket in the watch to age prematurely. Even a diving watch may lose its waterproof function before it is required to replace the waterproof washer.

The Dust

Dust seems to us to have nothing to do with the watch. For the movement itself, one of its three major enemies is: dust. Exposure to dusty areas for long periods of time can naturally cause dust to leak from the case gap. The increase in dust will lead to faster drying of the movement oil. This is undoubtedly a bad thing for the movement. Of course, there are not many opportunities for high-density exposure to dust in daily life, but it is still quite useful to put a piece of cloth on the surface and properly rub the watch case.

How to care for watches How to maintain men's watches is better How to maintain men's watches

The Concussion

The movement is actually quite "fragile", especially when it comes to momentary shocks. Do not you see a lot of people wearing advanced dress watches to participate in golf swing. You know, especially in the kick-off shot, the momentary force G of the wrist is amazing. Although this is not a problem for human bones, it is really a shock to the watch worn on the wrist. Many big-name senior dress watches were sent to the maintenance center because of their enthusiastic swing.

The Conservation

Remove OMEGA's current coaxial movement (coaxial movement claimed by the official maintenance The number of years is once every 10 years. Almost all mechanical watches need to be sent to professional organizations once every 4-5 years under normal wearing conditions. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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