Men can also have bags. These are always suitable for you.

The The A simple statement is that if you do not have a bag before, then there is a run-in period between you and a new bag. Do not buy too expensive, because most men are Ma Daha, will lose. I suggest you, if you are not used to the existence of this bag, please do not put valuable things into it.

Men how to pick the right bag How to pick the right briefcase How to pick a briefcase for men

The small backpack

This style of bag is a good start for men backpackers beginners, choose black will be more insurance. Once you adapt to such a bag, you will start thinking about other colors.

The Hand bag

Men holding such bags on the streets of Britain are rare, but it is gradually becoming a trend. The only thing I worry about is that men prefer to throw things away. Make sure you don't lose your clutch bag.

The Bling bag

It all depends on whether you are bold or not and what message you want to express. Give it a try.

Men how to pick the right bag How to pick the right briefcase How to pick a briefcase for men

The Big bag

If you want to prove that you are very powerful, then the bigger the bag, the better. Men are always unresponsive to huge bags, because men feel that the bigger the bag, the more powerful they can prove themselves.

The Recommend Men's Briefcases to Men

1, Brown official briefcase

This is a more formal briefcase, suitable for men who often wear formal suits and other clothing. This design is more special, the details are more outstanding, can be seen from the side is a wrinkled design, divided into three layers, the overall texture is hard, there is a sense of standing, not easily deformed. Brown is even more special than black.

The 2, casual style briefcase

This briefcase is relatively more casual, not too formal, but there is no problem with a suit, suitable for daily use at work, but if you need to meet guests or attend important occasions, it still seems a little too casual. The texture is soft, there is no hard feeling, and it's bigger than an ordinary briefcase, so you can put more stuff.

Men how to pick the right bag How to pick the right briefcase How to pick a briefcase for men

The 3, schoolbag section briefcase

Such a briefcase is not strictly called a briefcase, because the style is more biased toward the type of bag and it belongs to an improved product. It is more suitable for young people who like to pursue fashion. Holding these briefcases makes them more fashionable.

The 4, luxury low-key briefcase

In addition, the men's briefcase, although not necessarily expensive and luxurious, is luxurious and low-key, and is ideally suited for use as a business bag. In addition to going to work, daily leisure activities can also be used. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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