Most men use the wrong condom Different styles feel different

there are many male Because they don't pick condoms, they often buy too tight condoms. Such condoms not only affect sexual love, but also cause the penis to be weak and do not lift. In severe cases, it even causes impotence. Here's to share some tips for using condoms and correct selection of condoms. If you want to learn, you can look at them.

How do men use condoms? What misconceptions do men use condoms? How do you pick condoms?

The Men use condom misunderstanding

1, wearing careless

In general, wearing a condom is often a time before flirting and arousing libido. When wearing. A nail or ring inadvertently strokes a condom, causing the ultra-thin condom to fail.

The 2, sexual organs lubrication is not enough

The female Poor vaginal lubrication can also lead to rupture of condoms, especially in women over the age of 40, when the sex life is significantly reduced. Some young couples do not fully flirt before sexual intercourse. A similar situation can occur.

3, improper use of lubricant

It has been observed that if the surface of the condom is coated with mineral oil and vegetable oils such as petrolatum and common lotions, the strength of the latex condom will be weakened within 5 minutes.

The 4, sexual intercourse is too large

A foreign study found that when a husband and a wife are in the same room, condoms rarely break, and when men and women make love, condom breakup is more common, which may be related to excessive sexual intercourse.

How do men use condoms? What misconceptions do men use condoms? How do you pick condoms?

The 5, improper storage

Condoms lose their strength when exposed to bright light, heat, humidity, and ozone. If it is exposed to strong light for 10 hours, the condom breaks up to 20%, and it is stored in tropical climate for 42 months. The condom break rate is 49%.

The How do men choose condoms?

One, model

There are many men who are using too tight condoms to cause ischemia in the blood circulation of the penis, tissue in the penis and nerve In the absence of oxygen, the part of the cavernous body is easily injured, causing the penis to be weak and not lifted, and in severe cases it even causes impotence. Different people have different physical characteristics, condoms also have different sizes, and the standards of the East and West are not the same. In most cases, the suitable condom size for Chinese men is medium. When purchasing, you can buy the medium number directly. If you feel too tight or too loose after using it once, you should use a thin line around the middle of the penis after full erection, and then measure the length of the line, which is the value of the penis circumference, get accurate results and then buy You can't go wrong.

The Second, the material

The common materials in condoms are latex, polyurethane, and animal films. If the method is correct, latex condoms can be said to be current contraception and prevention Sexually transmitted diseases The most effective and durable is the infection, and thus the most widely used. However, very few people will produce latex allergy , itching, burning, etc. symptom .

Polyurethane condoms are the best choice for men and women who are allergic to latex. Polyurethane is a kind of plastic, and its products can block sperm And most of the viruses. In addition, the polyurethane condom is also relatively thin, so it feels comfortable and natural when used. In addition, after the use of fun condoms, the body appears abnormal, should be immediately disabled, or use the traditional "sleeve".

How do men use condoms? What misconceptions do men use condoms? How do you pick condoms?

The Third, style

Condoms can be divided into ultra-thin, thin and ordinary three. Experts point out that thickness has an effect on male sexual psychology. The thinner the condom, the more closely men feel that they are close to their lover and the greater the pleasure they get. From the physiological point of view, the thicker the condom, the greater the sensitivity of male penis in sexual life is limited, the feeling will be worse.

However, Ejaculation Faster men are not suitable for ultra-thin products. For them, the use of thicker condoms is actually beneficial to prolonging sex time, so that both parties can get more full of pleasure.

The Fourth, shelf life

Unlike condoms food The same attention to freshness, the best use in the factory 1-2 years. Condoms that have just been shipped from the factory have poor elasticity and texture. After storage for six months to one year, the latex will undergo a certain degree of physical or chemical reaction with the lubricant, and the texture and elasticity will reach the best state. The factory for more than 3 years is not only easy to be brittle, the internally added lubricant is absorbed by the latex, and the lubrication effect is greatly reduced. Appearance with particles or thread bulges, or scent, color fun condoms will add other substances, more easily aging, which added substances will increase the risk of allergies, should pay attention to the body's feelings. (Reference site: Rest assured medical court network)

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