If you want to distribute masculinity, you must learn to use perfume

Perfume is not only a taste for taste, but also a special item that embellishes taste and creates a romantic atmosphere. How can a man disperse masculinity during a date? This is not an easy task. In addition to being neatly dressed, you can try the chemistry of the perfume...

How do men use perfume? What are the taboos of perfume?

The Men's use of perfume when dating

Perfume is a mysterious and fascinating atmosphere. It can enhance your charm without knowing it. It can give you a "quiet rose garden" when you need a romantic atmosphere. It can be in your hope. When you successfully acquire the "she" heart, you will be taken into "her" heart.

The So, male How should a friend use perfume correctly?

20 minutes before going out to use the perfume, most of the perfumes are allocated before, during and after the adjustment. The duration of the first adjustment is about 10 minutes, and the duration of the adjustment is about 2 hours. At this time, it is the soul period of the perfume; the duration of the last adjustment. For about 2 hours or longer, the taste that is blended with the skin forms the unique flavor of this type of perfume, known as the aftertaste, which is the so-called fragrance or body odor. Given the nature of the perfume, it is recommended that you use it 20 minutes before leaving to leave a perfect image.

What are the parts of the perfume

How do men use perfume? What are the taboos of perfume?

The Neck. female It was thought that the men who sprayed the perfume on the neck most made them feel the heartbeat. Sometimes they sat in the car, the wind blew on the face, and smelled the scent of the boyfriend's neck. It felt very comfortable.

The Behind the ear. Women think that if there is a fragrance behind the ear, it is more desirable to be close.

The Chest. The man who used perfume on his chest was the most sexy and most secure, and he could not help but want to lean on his chest.

The Wrist. When a man gently covers a woman with her hand, the scent that can be vaguely smelled is most charming.

Men who spray perfume must remember six rings

1, smoking a man is best not to use perfume, that mixes the smell of smoke after the fragrant, will all the people around to run away.

How do men use perfume? What are the taboos of perfume?

2. Men should avoid being too concentrated and too much with incense. The kind of man who blows up a whirlwind while passing by you can be disgusting.

3, a woman's perfume with a man called a personality, but if men use a woman's perfume will be suspected of his head is not a problem, especially the kind of sweet flavor, the most suitable for men.

4. The man with perfume must not wear sandals barefoot, otherwise people wearing suits cannot wear shoes.

5, men with perfume should not use too much hair or fragrant hair spray, mousse, or the smell of the body's perfume and hair on the head mixed together, "cheesy" unstoppable.

6, dusty man is best not to "fill the incense", or to maintain the "original" better, if an aroma of dusty man appeared in front of you, I am afraid that you will not help but doubt their own eye And your own nose. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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