Wearing wrong underwear affects fertility

The The How to choose the men's panties is a very embarrassing "male", if sloppy, then their own reproduction health It is also not good. So how do men choose the right underwear?

What kind of underwear men wear good Men how to choose underwear men how to choose the right underwear

The What can a man not wear?

1, polyester underwear will kill sperm

Studies have found that men wearing pure polyester underwear are nearly 40% to 14 months old sperm The number was significantly reduced, and the number of spermatozoa decreased from 9% to 10 months for men wearing half-cotton and half-polyester blended underwear. semen No change. In addition, men who have semen changes usually return to normal 4 to 8 months after changing their underwear.

This study confirmed that polyester underwear temporarily inhibits the sperm's natural role. It will increase the temperature of the testicles, lower plasma hormone levels, and induce oligospermia. This is one of the evil consequences of wearing underwear incorrectly: it causes infertility and it deprives you of your father’s power. But the problem of underpants is not only unmarried male Attention must be paid to warn those who have become fathers: Polyester-based synthetic fabrics create an electrostatic field in the penis tissue, weakening the sexual function of men, and even making you intimidated with sex.

The 2, should not wear cotton underwear

Many people think that cotton clothing is the best, and some people do not buy cotton. In fact, this idea is not correct. For people who are prone to sweating, especially for men who often drive, cotton underwear, although sweat-absorbent, is not easy to dry. skin Prolonged contact with wet clothes, prone to redness, itching, and generation eczema Or dumplings and so on. Therefore, cotton clothing is not necessarily the best choice for men, but it is even more inappropriate to wear it. Some other fabrics are more suitable for them. For example, to avoid sticky feeling, Korean silk fabrics can be selected. It has good water absorption and feels smooth. It will use pure cotton pads in key areas and is very comfortable.

What kind of underwear men wear good Men how to choose underwear men how to choose the right underwear

The 3, men should not wear briefs

Male underwear is divided into boxers and briefs. Many victims under the briefs package are ranked first. Tightly "wrapped" Private parts The briefs fixed the scrotum and kept him close to the abdomen. This would cause the testicles to be greatly weakened in their temperature regulation, and the ambient temperature around the testicles would increase, impeding the spermatogenesis of the testicles. Coupled with the obstruction of blood supply, fragile sperm will be devastated, severely endangering fertility and compromising the compatriots' ability to become fathers.

The How to choose men's underwear

1. Be clear about the actual size of your body

For example, what is the actual waist size? What size are you buying for pants? What are your characteristics? (For example, isn't the butt bigger than the standard size? Is the width wider on the sides?)

The 2. What is your favorite dress?

Like to pack very tight or loose a little? Usually buy underwear when the reference number is smaller than a yard or a yard?

The 3, the choice of pants style waist height is suitable for their own

What kind of underwear men wear good Men how to choose underwear men how to choose the right underwear

Men's underwear has a high waist, a middle waist, a low waist, and a low waist. There is actually no uniform standard for how low a waist is. Because the person's height is different, the height of the waist will be different. Sometimes guests reflect that the size of the underwear they bought is too small. In fact, the waist of the underwear is too low to be used. In particular, underwear with a low waist can easily fall off if the size is too large.

The 4, carefully check the size of the style you want to buy the reference table

The size chart provides reference standards for different unit systems. You can select the right size according to your body size. If your size is between two numbers, you are recommended to choose the larger size. (A guest will ask where the waistline is, how much is below the navel, and it is usually the position of the navel, but there are also people who grow taller and grow taller.)

The 5, why men's underwear does not provide the actual tile measurement size

First, the reason for fabrics, men's underwear different fabrics, there will be differences in elasticity, and some larger and some smaller, no way to accurately describe the elastic information, the general tile size is very small, so there is little reference value ( There may be some brands of shops offering tile sizes, but these stores are usually only one brand of products, fabrics are also very single). The second issue is the height of waists, different waists and different positions on the body. Then the waist circumference needed for the waist will be different. If you only look at the size of the waist, it is more likely to cause confusion. (Reference site: 39 Health care Church)

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