How men choose shirts

The The The shirt can best reflect the personality and taste of a man, especially for different occupations. male Choosing a suitable shirt gives a good impression and is very important in your work. Want to add points for your professional image? Quickly learn the relevant knowledge of men's shirt.

How men choose shirts Men choose shirts How to choose men's shirts

The Wear shirts according to occasion

As a professional elite in the city, depending on the occasion, you must first have three shirts:

Premium shirts are exquisite in texture, artistic, black or white, and are suitable for important social events such as banquets, evenings, celebrations and other occasions. It is recommended that you do not need to buy pure silk fleece, these fabrics are easily deformed, yellow, pleated, and the price is more expensive, buy a good process, good texture of knitted, linen, yarn and synthetic fabric can be.

Professional Casual Shirts These shirts are a little formal and refined. The materials and styles tend to be comfortable. They are typical of casual wear and are suitable for work and daily activities. Monochrome or striped styles can be combined with a dignified and clear image.

Casual home shirts These shirts are usually made of comfortable cotton fabrics with a personalized color scheme and are suitable for home, walk, and outings. Selection must be relaxed, and good quality at the same time, because leisure is not equal to casual.

The Choose different color shirts to be cautious

1, white men's shirt will never lose

No matter what size you are, white men's shirts are undoubtedly the absolute necessity. With any suit of any color, there is an overwhelming victory. It is also easy to give viewers a sense of vitality and cleanliness without being too bleak. Therefore, Buying several white men's shirt styles at a time is not guilty, especially men are particularly vulnerable to sweat, men's shirts will naturally shorten the life loss, when the men's shirts are yellow, they will not come back to save even if the appearance of the slightest damage, Please also reluctantly cut love, otherwise it will only trap yourself in the shabby state.

How men choose shirts Men choose shirts How to choose men's shirts

The 2, striped men's shirt is also safe

In general, as long as the line-to-line spacing is not too large and the lines are not too thick, these men's shirt styles are acceptable, the most secure stripe scale, the spacing between the stripes is less than 1 cm, and the rules The arrangement of the distance, the line width is very fine, like the lines crossed by the mechanical pencil, it is not easy to make mistakes, it is worth recommending.

The 3, blue is popular

Nowadays, office men have almost blue shirts, and even several different "blue" men's shirts. Their importance is equal to that of white men's shirts. Everyone has a blue shirt, but men's shirts have different cleverness.

When men's shirts, ties, and suits are all blue, match them with different “blue” layers.

The 4, check the men's shirt to be cautious

Just like striped shirts, if the area of ​​the lattice is a small and conservative lattice, there is almost no problem, but if the area of ​​the lattice is very large, the casual flavor will be strong. At this time, it is not suitable for wearing on formal occasions such as work and cannot be conveyed. The solemn momentum, but the usual holiday leisure moment, plaid men's shirt with a very nice dress.

The 5, body and men's shirts match

How men choose shirts Men choose shirts How to choose men's shirts

If you are a bear with a bear, then the stripes and plaid patterns that are too obvious are not suitable for you: If you are a medium-sized shirt with a high stiffness and thickness, you can get it with you; if you are stable or long Feet tall children, striped, plaid men's shirt style is very fast with you; if you are chunky, plain is your only choice.

The According to the professional selection of shirts of different colors

The salesperson: The feeling that the salesperson needs to give to the customer should be "trustworthy", and the gray-brown color can satisfy this feeling.

The Customer service: The customer service industry that the director needs to face up with customers will be suitable for light yellow or cream white. This type of color will make you look more "affinity" and more energetic.

The Financial staff: Feeling generous and having a sense of stability is a message that the financial industry needs to convey. The light grey is just enough to satisfy such demand.

The Medical personnel: Easy-going and gentle is one of the elements of medical practitioners to eliminate psychological tension in patients, and the psychological impression of light green and light pink is just gentle. At present, there are many hospital This type of tone has been used.

The media personnel: The mass media industry has always given people a vivid and lively impression, so the suitable colors are naturally less constrained, such as pink, purple, black and other colors, can show the industry's vivid creativity. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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