How men choose underwear Recommended several ways

The When it comes to men's underwear, many men think that this is good enough? Some men even think that the underwear is worn inside, there is nothing good to pick and choose, and some people see the female clerk at the time of purchase Be shy to ask, just buy a style and go. This is so difficult to buy a real fit, comfortable underwear.

How to choose men's underwear Men how to choose the right underwear Men's underwear how to choose it

Underpants purchase principle

1, comfort is always the first consideration when purchasing.

2, underwear should be able to absorb sweat.

3, when buying underwear, men must buy a durable and washable features is the best.

4, the fabric of good elasticity.

5, the front of the cut three-dimensional.

6, in line with their own personality or preferences.

The Men's underwear health Wear

1, go to work

To wear to work is nothing more than a suit trousers or casual trousers (of course, some people wear jeans), if you wear a tailored suit trousers, then the fit of the four-angle underwear will be very suitable for you, on the grounds that the general Triangular underwear will make your traces of the two briefs on your hips easy to show.

How to choose men's underwear Men how to choose the right underwear Men's underwear how to choose it

And fit the quadrilateral underwear, you can avoid unconsciously touching the two lines pressed on the buttocks, because unconscious reaction will make people feel very indecent.

The 2, leisure

Leisure can be divided into two states. One is to completely relax at home, and then you are not ready to go out.

If you like new men who enjoy home life at home, you may consider wearing a loose, flat-cut trousers to relax your baby in the pants.

This is good for health! If you like to run outside it is easy to wear T-shaped underwear, this style of underwear can reduce the activity (such as long walks) on the sex organs of friction.

The 3, sports

How to choose men's underwear Men how to choose the right underwear Men's underwear how to choose it

When you exercise, you can choose to buy that kind of breathable sports shorts, because only so wear can thigh, inter-day and sex organs between each other to minimize friction.

At this time, it is necessary to wear sports underwear specially designed for sports players. The underwear is held in a three-dimensionally-cut triangular cup on the sex organs, and there is an elastic on the left and right to support the buttocks.

The 4, business travel

If you know that this trip is likely to be in the same room as your colleague or friend, it is best to pick up your color panties that are provocative or easy to reveal.

This avoids unnecessary blemishes. White general-type underwear or disposable paper or cotton underpants are the best choice.

The 5, go to bed

Being able to sleep naked or get used to naked sleep is the best option, but if you are living in a group or are not used to naked sleep, then the four corners panties or flat-bottomed pants would be ideal, otherwise it is a sporty internal mesh design Shorts are also a good consideration. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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