3 common health knowledge for men wearing underwear

Underwear is the most problem that can not attract men's attention. Many people think that wearing it is not exposed to people. It doesn't matter. Just feel comfortable. In fact, although the underwear is small, it is related to health In the big picture, it's irrelevant to wear occasionally. If you work for a long time, it may bring you many problems and even troubles. Although the underwear is small, it is related to the overall health.

Men wear underwear should pay attention to what men how to clean underwear men how often to change underwear

Panties male The importance of

1, underwear fabric is very important

Studies have found that chemical fiber underwear may cause oligozoospermia in men and cast shadows on childbirth. Research data show that nearly 40 to 14 months of men wear pure polyester underwear sperm The number was significantly reduced, and the number of spermatozoa decreased from 9% to 10 months for men wearing half-cotton and semi-polyester blended underwear, while wearing cotton underwear semen No change. In addition, men who have semen changes usually return to normal 4 to 8 months after changing their underwear. Polyester briefs temporarily inhibit sperm production. It will increase the temperature of the testicles, lower plasma hormone levels, and induce oligospermia.

This is one of the evil consequences of wrong underwear: Infertility causes you to lose the right to be a father. However, the problem of underpants is not only for unmarried men. Polyester-based synthetic fabrics produce an electrostatic field in the penis tissue, weakening the sexual function of the man, and even causing you to become indifferent to sex.

Cotton underwear should be safe? Not at all. If you are heavy and sweaty, especially if you drive regularly, pure cotton underwear may be eczema , etc. skin disease Upper body. Because pure cotton absorbs sweat, it is not easy to dry. Frequent sweat may breed bacteria. In addition to the discomfort of wetness, it may also be Pussy It is difficult for you to create "smears" such as redness and itching.

2, choose underwear must be tight moderate

Many men's penis deformed, showing varying degrees of bending. The reason why he wears tight underwear is hard to blame. Under the shackles of tight underwear, the penis is under pressure for a long time. How can it not be bent?

Men wear underwear should pay attention to what men how to clean underwear men how often to change underwear

3, the color of underwear should also be treated with caution

Some people like dark underwear, but neglect the color is dyed out by dyes, dyes are a variety of chemical substances in one hodgepodge, and some contain some toxicity. As for the white underwear, it may be because of over-bleaching, it also has hidden potential problems that increase you allergy The risk of illness.

How often does the male underwear change?

Men are lazy and they are too lazy to change underwear. Some male compatriots can wear a pair of underpants for one week. What is more, they will also promote the new three-year and old-year three-year spirits to the replacement of underwear. How often should men change their underwear? How often does it take to replace the underwear for men's health?

All things have a service life, underwear is no exception, and underwear life is still relatively short. It's about yourself Private parts Health cannot be sloppy.

If possible, you can change your underwear once in two days. This will not only protect the life of your underwear, but also protect the health and hygiene of your external genitalia. In fact, men's underwear is better changed every day, wear one in the morning, come back at night, wash, and change a new underwear the next day. This is more reasonable.

Under normal circumstances, the frequency of use of underwear, it is best to lose the old replacement of three months. However, it must not exceed six months. Of course, during this period, if the underwear is found to be deformed, the material becomes hard and dry, and the stain is not clean, it must be replaced in time.

Men wear underwear should pay attention to what men how to clean underwear men how often to change underwear

How to clean underwear

1, underwear should be cleaned immediately after each pass, even if only wear one night, but also to clean. It is recommended that you change underwear every day, especially in the summer, the longest not more than 2-3 days.

2. When cleaning, separate clothes and jackets. Wash with soap as much as possible.

3, after washing, do not direct exposure, first dried in the shade, and then placed in the sun disinfection, otherwise easy to make hair hard, deformation.

4, underwear is best placed alone, you can buy some special storage bag, or into a clean plastic bag, soaked with dust and bacteria, affecting health. (Reference site: 39 Health Network)

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