Man shaves need to pay attention to these 5 errors

The male with female There is an obvious feature, and this feature is on the face, that is, a beard. For the existence of a beard, each person's definition is different. Some people choose to have a beard, and some people will choose to shave their beard. Do you know what misunderstandings should you pay attention to while shaving?

Do you have to shave men? Men must pay attention to what shave. Men how to shave.

What to pay attention to shave

Shave up in the morning

When we get up in the morning, the energy of the body has become more abundant, and if we immediately shave when we get up, we will make the beard grow again. Therefore, if you want to scrape, you can wait for half an hour to wake up and then choose to shave, because the level of male hormones in the body has dropped so that shave will not make the beard grow faster.

Shave after meal

When we finish our meal, our stomach starts to work, making Heart rate With the increase in blood flow, and blood will be left to the neck and face arteries at this time, if the shave can easily scratch the skin, making it appear bleeding.

Shave after bathing

Shaving immediately after a bath is a lot of men will do because men feel that if they are apart, they will be very troublesome. So most men will choose to put hot water to shave. But the hot water at this time is very easy to stimulate the shave skin It is easy to hurt the skin in this location.

Do you have to shave men? Men must pay attention to what shave. Men how to shave.

The beard is too clean

Since you must shave, you must be very clean, otherwise why shave it? Many people think this way, so they all shave their beard clean. However, if it is very clean, it is very easy for the beard to grow in reverse. Because the hair follicles are not removed when shave, the hair follicles will grow in the opposite direction at this time, which will make the long beard place feel pain.

Shave before and after exercise

When we were exercising, there was a lot of sweating, and if this time shaved, it would make these sweats irritate our skin and cause pain. In addition, if you shave after exercising, you may scratch the skin due to the accelerated blood circulation.

Do you have to shave men? Men must pay attention to what shave. Men how to shave.

How to shave correctly

Wash the shaver properly

When using a razor, first wash the razor and try to keep the razor free of bacteria so that we don't allow bacteria to invade the skin when it is scratched.

Soften the beard

The beard is also relatively hard, so when you shave, you can apply some foam that softens the beard (you can go to the supermarket to buy the corresponding shaving water), which is more conducive to shaving off the beard and it will not hurt. To the skin.

Follow the pattern of mustaches

It is the easiest and most convenient to look at what direction a beard follows, and then follow it. ( 99 health ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source. )

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