Smoking harms 5 ways to quit smoking

Smoking is harmful health Everyone knows this, but you can't give up smoking. The following Xiaobian shares with you some small methods to help you quit smoking. I hope to be useful for your quitting action.

What is the danger of smoking? What is the danger of smoking? How do you quit smoking?

How to quit smoking

1, eliminate tension

Nervous work conditions make you want to smoke. Then, take the smoking utensils around you from now on and change the working environment and working procedures. Put some sugar-free chewing gum, fruit, juice and mineral water, do a few short breaks, go to outdoor sports, and exercise for a few minutes.

2. Throw away smoking utensils

Such as lighters, ashtrays, cigarettes, reduce your "conditional reflex." After meal Drink water , eating fruit or taking a walk to get rid of the idea of ​​a cigarette after dinner. Drinking more juice at the beginning of smoking quitting can help get rid of nicotine addiction.

3, with smoking cessation tools

Rational use of smoking cessation tools can make your smoking cessation efforts more effective. For example, "alternative smoking cessation" products are very effective smoking cessation tools. As the name implies, using nicotine in the form of non-tobacco and small doses of safe, nicotine instead of tobacco, not only allows you to "smoke" the smoke, but also allows you to gradually Reduce the onset of smoking, and finally completely quit smoking.

4, bet

Some people who have smoked in the past have had good experience in quitting smoking and betting. One of the effects is to openly quit smoking and win support from friends and colleagues.

5, less to participate in the party

Just start smoking cessation to avoid being tempted by smoking. If a friend invites you to a very good party and everyone who attends the party to smoke, then at the very beginning of quitting smoking, you should swear to refuse to attend such parties until you feel that you are not smoking.

What is the danger of smoking? What is the danger of smoking? How do you quit smoking?

Harms of smoking

The impact on the heart

Nicotine in cigarettes will increase heart rate, increase blood pressure, and reduce heart capacity. When you smoke, you inhale carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide reduces the ability of the blood to absorb oxygen. Myocardial hypoxia may cause coronary artery infarction. Local myocardial ischemia will accumulate atherosclerosis, followed by many heart attacks.

Injury to the brain

Long-term smoking can reduce brain supplemental oxygen and blood circulation, and bleeding or occlusion of brain blood vessels can lead to stroke or mental decline. The cause of stroke is the long-term smoking caused by cerebral vasospasm, the blood of the brain is more likely to condense. Smokers are twice as likely to have a stroke as normal people.

Correct Oral s damage

Long-term smoking may also cause oral cancer or laryngeal cancer. Smoke heat, tar in cigarettes cause damage to the taste buds, and salivary gland inflammation can occur, followed by oral cancer. The smoke will increase the temperature of the throat from 37°C to 42°C, cause minor burns to the mucous membranes of the throat, and then to chronic thermal trauma, eventually to laryngeal cancer.

Injury to the lungs

Long-term smoking can cause bronchial damage, infection, and lung cancer caused by smoking death The rate is also the highest among lung cancer patients.

What is the danger of smoking? What is the danger of smoking? How do you quit smoking?

The company is located in: Effect on the stomach

Smoking people will promote nerve The system controls the secretion of saliva and gastric juices, causing the stomach to be in a state of tension at the moment and there will be loss of appetite. Nicotine also causes blood vessels in the gastric mucosa to contract and affect appetite.

Impact on the liver

The lipid metabolism in the liver of people who smoke may be affected, so that the body's fat increases, good cholesterol decreases, and malignant increases. This will affect the detoxification of the liver.

Impact on the reproductive system

Smoking person sperm Vitality is affected, and sperm abnormalities will increase. Smoking suppresses the nerve center and allows male The weakening of desire will also cause the blood vessels to contract and paralyze, which will hinder the peripheral blood circulation. Long-term smoking is also one of the major causes of yang.

Effect on the intestinal tract

If you smoke, it may also cause colon cancer, and the greater the amount of smoking, the more cancer The more chances are. (Reference Site: 39 Health Network)

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