Remember to shave 4 times before you date

Now men are basically lazy. If you don’t believe it, you can see the people on the roadside. male Pedestrians walked in a hurry, and some basically kept beards in a mess, while the men who kept the beard basically would not be seen by the girls. Studies have shown that most women do not like men with beards. So if a man wants to win a woman's favor, he must first shave his beard. Then you know how the man must be shaving his beard?

How to Shave How to Shave Well When Can't Shave

The correct procedure for shaving


When shaving, you must wash your beard first. You can use a regular facial cleanser to clean it. Remember to use a face brush when washing, and then rinse with warm water.


Many people have relatively hard beards, and at this time we need to first soften our beard to soften. The easiest way is to go to a pot of hot water first, wring out after putting in a towel, and then cover the beard for almost 2 minutes. Allows the beard to soften.

How to Shave How to Shave Well When Can't Shave


Today's cutters basically have a lubricant, but in order to shave it, we'd better apply the lubricant again, so as to ensure that the shaver will not be hurt when shaving, and the lubrication of the shaver The agent is basically sold at the supermarket.


When you shave, wash it with warm water, wash the bacteria on the razor, and shave slowly. While shaving, try to shave in the direction of the growth of the beard so that it will not scratch our skin , so that the skin is infected with bacteria.

When can't shave

Can't shave after dinner

When we finish our meal, because the stomach is going to digest food , will mobilize the blood inside the body, and this time the blood will go through the position of the beard growth, so that there will be arterial erections in this position, it is easy for us to scratch the skin, so this time can not shave. If you want to scrape, it's best to choose to shave an hour after a meal.

How to Shave How to Shave Well When Can't Shave

Do not shave before bathing

A lot of people will basically choose to shave before taking a bath, but this is not good. Because when we shave off a beard, there are a lot of injuries that can't be seen with the naked eye, and this time when you take a bath, it will stimulate these wounds, which will cause the long beard to feel painful.

Do not shave before exercise

If you want to go for exercise and then you see a lot of beards that you want to scrape, Xiaobian recommends not doing it. Because when we are in exercise, the blood circulates quickly and the sweat is flushed out of the body. The sweat contains salt and it is very easy to irritate the freshly shaved skin, causing pain. ( 99 health ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source. )

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