Men how to choose the best shirt to wear according to the occasion

The company is located in: The company is located in: Shirt best reflects a man's personality and taste, especially for different occupations male , Choose a suitable shirt, giving a good impression, is also very important at work. Want to add points for their professional image? Quickly to learn the relevant knowledge of men's shirts it.

男人怎么选择衬衫 男人怎么选择衬衫 男人衬衫怎么挑选

The company is located in: According to occasion wear shirts

As an urban professional elite, according to different occasions, first of all, you must have three shirts:

Premium shirts are beautifully textured, artistic and black or white, ideal for social events such as parties, galas, ceremonies and more. I suggest you do not have to buy pure silk cotton wool, these fabrics easily deformed, yellow, pleated, and the more expensive, buy technology, texture good knitting, linen, yarn and synthetic fabrics can be.

Occupational casual shirts These shirts to a little formal, delicate, choice of materials and styles tend to be comfortable, is a typical casual wear, suitable for work and daily activities to wear. Monochrome or striped style can be matched with a solemn and clear image.

Casual home shirts These shirts generally use comfortable cotton fabrics, personalized color patterns, suitable for home, walking and going out to wear when to wear. Selection must be loose, at the same time the good quality, because leisure does not mean casually.

The company is located in: Choose a different color shirt to be cautious

1, white men's shirt never beaten

No matter what size you are, the white man's shirt is definitely an absolute necessity. With any suit of colors, you can have an overwhelming victory. It is also easy to give the viewer a feeling of vitality and cleanliness, without being too bleak. Therefore, A purchase of several pieces of white men's shirt style is innocent, especially men are particularly vulnerable to sweat, men's shirts natural deterioration of life, when the men's shirt a yellow, has been back to days of surgery to save do not come back, even without the appearance of the slightest injury, Also reluctantly cut off love, otherwise it will only trap yourself in the shabby, inferior position of the dilemma.

男人怎么选择衬衫 男人怎么选择衬衫 男人衬衫怎么挑选

The company is located in: 2, striped men's shirt is also safe

In general, as long as the spacing between the lines should not be too large, the lines will not be too thick, these men's shirt styles are the most acceptable stripe size, the spacing between stripes less than 1 cm, and the rules The arrangement of the distance, the line width is very thin, like a line of automatic pencil across the line, that is not easy to make mistakes, it is recommended.

The company is located in: 3, blue is popular

Nowadays, almost every working-class man has a blue shirt and even several different "blue" men's shirts, all of which weigh in on the white men's shirt. Everyone has a blue shirt, but men's shirts are cleverly different.

When the men's shirts, ties, suits are all blue when the three lines, together must make different "blue" showing a sense of hierarchy.

The company is located in: 4, plaid men's shirts to be cautious

Just like a striped shirt, if the area of ​​the lattice is small and delicate, there is not any problem at all. However, if the lattice has a large area and the flavor of leisure is strong, it is not suitable for formal occasions such as work and can not convey Solemn momentum, but the usual holiday leisure time, plaid shirt with men is actually very good dress.

The company is located in: 5, body size and men's shirts with the match

男人怎么选择衬衫 男人怎么选择衬衫 男人衬衫怎么挑选

If you are a jerky waist, then too obvious stripes, plaid pattern is not suitable for you: If you are medium-sized, stiffness and thickness of the higher fabric shirt, and you can register; if you are stable or long under the plate Foot tall, striped, plaid men's shirt style is very fast with you; if you are short type, plain is your only choice.

The company is located in: Choose shirts of different colors according to occupation

The company is located in: salesperson: The feeling that sales people need to give to their customers should be "trustworthy," and taupe can satisfy that feeling.

The company is located in: Customer service: The long-term needs of customers face to face customer service industry, will be suitable for light yellow or cream white, this type of color will make you appear more "affinity" and more energetic.

The company is located in: Financial staff: Feel generous and have a sense of stability is the message the financial industry needs to convey, light gray just to meet such needs.

The company is located in: Medical personnel: Easy-going and gentle medical practitioners to eliminate psychological stress in patients with one of the elements, light green and light pink gives the psychological impression is gentle, there are a lot of hospital This type of hue has been adopted.

The company is located in: media personnel: The mass media industry has always given a vivid and lively impression. Therefore, suitable colors are naturally less restrictive, such as pink, light purple, black and other colors, can demonstrate the vivid creativity of this industry. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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