How to choose different sunglasses men face different options

For men, a cool sunglasses in the sun at the same time, they can add a lot of their own color. However, the market an array of sunglasses how to choose? Sunglasses improper choice, not only failed to protect eye The role of even the endanger us health .

怎么挑选合适的太阳镜 不同脸型的人怎么选择墨镜 男士墨镜怎么选

Sunglasses are knowledgeable

Under intense sunlight in the summer sun, first of all, people's pupils contract and their eyes squinting unconsciously. Over time, they will produce visual fatigue, dizziness and other discomforts. Put on high-quality sunglasses will give your eyes with excellent protection. Sunglasses currently on the market generally divided into polarized lenses lenses, color lenses and discoloration lenses three. When buying sunglasses, first of all an examination The quality of the lens. The sunglasses can be placed in the eye 40cm-45cm at the lens through the lens to observe the object, such as the discovery of straight line distortion or swing, indicating the deformation of the lens should not be purchased; you can also face up towards the fluorescent lamp and gently rotating, Do not buy if you feel uncomfortable. Second, but also pay attention to the color of the lens. Gray, green, brown best; dark brown, black second; blue and purple worst. Color should not be too light, because it can not withstand the glare. A good sunglasses should be marked with "uv-400" words, and indicate the production brand, specifications, site and so on. Sunglasses only suitable for wearing under the hot sun, sunset, cloudy, rainy days, indoors should not wear.

怎么挑选合适的太阳镜 不同脸型的人怎么选择墨镜 男士墨镜怎么选

The company is located in: Poor quality sunglasses bad

The reason why sunglasses can block the UV, because the lens is added a layer of special coating. After the lens coating, blocking, absorbing ultraviolet light, but also block some of the useful light, the lens transmittance decreased. Good quality sunglasses, the ability to block ultraviolet light, but the transmittance dropped little, does not affect the clarity of the object, and the lens coating has a certain hardness, the surface is not easy to wear. The poor quality sunglasses on the contrary, a serious decline in lens transparency, wearing such sunglasses, the eyes as if in a dark room to see things, then the pupil will become larger, but the residual ultraviolet light will be a large number of injected into the eyes, the eyes damaged.

When buying sunglasses, we must go to the regular optical shop and brand optical shop purchase. In addition, pay attention to colored glasses does not necessarily block the UV, only the lens coated with anti-UV film, can only be used as sunglasses.

怎么挑选合适的太阳镜 不同脸型的人怎么选择墨镜 男士墨镜怎么选

The company is located in: Four face how to choose the right sunglasses

Country character face:

Choose streamlined or round frames to neutralize the intense lines and square corners of your face.

Round face:

Try the square frame, the face can be stretched visually, adjusting the ideal ratio of the face.

The company is located in: Inverted triangle face:

Highlighted or stressed temples designed sunglasses, can balance the face wide and narrow problem.

The company is located in: Egg-shaped face:

Brothers, just pick a sunglasses, you are very pull the wind. (Reference Site: Rest assured that the hospital network)

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