Men’s taste From the beginning of the shoe how to pick the right sneakers

The company is located in: The company is located in: male We all hope that we can get the charm of men all the time in our life female Recognition, so this time you need to pay attention to some of the details of the problem, such as wearing shoes, is the most embodiment of male taste of the place.

什么可以显示出男人的品味 怎么挑选男士运动鞋 运动鞋怎么挑选

The company is located in: Men's taste from the beginning of the shoe

Repeated purchase of fixed-shoe style man, is a very old man, people, things, things, have a deep attachment. He is very loyal to his friends, is a trusted backer. He will be good for his friend and give him a helping hand.

Thrifty man wearing a pair of shoes to buy a pair of shoes, I hope to wear a little longer, while the shoes in his shoe, long shoe age. He is cautious, can not let go, his work is not smooth enough, the pattern of interpersonal relations is smaller.

Casual men who wear shoes are men who do not care, wearing a uniform, and sometimes do not match with the clothes, shoes damaged, outdated does not matter. He is sloppy, often with low eyesight and like daylight dream , Easy to self-deception.

Men who love to wear formal black shoes like to press their own rules to impact, self-evident, self-protective and aggressive.

Men who wear casual shoes focus on the taste of life, demanding shoes, strict requirements on themselves, life is a regular planner, like to seize the initiative, and occasionally carnival look.

什么可以显示出男人的品味 怎么挑选男士运动鞋 运动鞋怎么挑选

The company is located in: Men's selection of sports shoes

1. Do not have "brand awareness," because each brand has its own good and advertised sports shoes, you should aim at different times, different needs of different sports to pick shoes, rather than superstitious a brand or brand name. Of course, the more important thing is not to "take the appearance of shoes", function and protection is what you should pay attention to.

2. It is best to buy shoes in the afternoon, and best to buy shoes before the first half-hour exercise, so that the size of the feet a little swollen. Although such shoes will buy bigger, but more in line with the size of the foot during exercise, it will be more comfortable to wear.

3. Must try on, do not buy shoes according to the old shoe size, because even the same brand, different shoes will have different designs, the size is not the same. For adolescents in development, feet are constantly increasing, we must try on to determine whether the fit.

4. wear socks to buy shoes during normal exercise, so the amount of space and comfort to just right.

什么可以显示出男人的品味 怎么挑选男士运动鞋 运动鞋怎么挑选

5. When buying sports shoes, do not be afraid after passing through will become larger and deliberately buy a small size shoes, even after passing the sneakers will indeed be more relaxed, but still have some space. Deliberately buy small 1, uncomfortable to wear, not to mention the need to exercise - to leave more space - the general proposal, at least one finger wide width is the most appropriate.

6. Be sure to try on both feet, and if there is a bigger or smaller, should also be the larger of the foot shall prevail. After trying on both feet, should move up and look to determine whether the comfortable fit.

7. Do not petty cheap, because penny goods, good quality sports shoes, insole, functional protection or material will be more complete. If you want to enjoy safe exercise, then the price should not be the sole criterion for purchasing sports shoes. (Reference Website: Wen Kang men)

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