How to do with a beard looks too fast

The biggest feature of men is the long beard, but some people's beard grow particularly fast, may be the reason for the strong secretion of sex hormones in men, how did not shave every day, become a bearded guy, look spiritless, as if no shaved beard in recent years, So how do you make your beard look slower?

胡子长得太快怎么办 怎么让胡子长得慢一些 剃须有哪些禁忌

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1, slowly get up slowly find the golden point of growth slow shaving

a lot of male Get used to shave within 20 minutes after shaving, in fact, this will make the beard grow rapidly! Because the body get a night of rest, reproductive function is in its peak period, in addition to your column of fortune, the beard is also crazy. So get up after 20 minutes to half an hour to consume the body's energy until the body and lower male hormone levels, beard growth and then scraping down.

The company is located in: 2, refused to take for granted and not uprooted once and for all

The more shaving the beard, the more scraping the harder. This concept is rooted in people's hearts. Some men think that you want slow growth of beard, we do not scratch, by pulling! In fact, this approach must not! In addition to bear the greater the force of the shorter hair, skin In addition to the huge pain caused by the plucking, plucking the hair with a slow growth of the beard does not have a dime, it may also damage the hair follicle and turn the original bearded turf into a pustule.

The company is located in: 3, learn to apply slow growth smart is not entirely impossible

Many oil control products will use low doses of female hormones as a control agent, this product can inhibit the secretion of male hormones in order to achieve the slow growth of beard effect. If you find estradiol, estrone, ethynylestradiol, or pumpkin in the ingredient list, decisively buy it and it may make your beard obedient.

胡子长得太快怎么办 怎么让胡子长得慢一些 剃须有哪些禁忌

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1, freezing painless hair removal With the continuous improvement of medicine, the current freezing painless hair removal is the most popular permanent hair removal methods, by many patients trust. Modern freezing point hair removal can be an effective solution to this problem, it is through the freezing point laser light photothermal principle, destruction of the hair follicles to achieve the removal beard effect, so this method is a permanent method.

To do freezing point painless hair removal is through the principle of body pigment absorption of light energy light quantum device to absorb light, body hair will absorb the light energy into heat energy, passed to the hair follicles, the hair follicles to destroy the hair follicles atrophy achieve hair removal purposes, Sweat glands have no effect.

Bearded facial skin generally blue, heavier body hair, the operation of light energy absorption will be greater than other parts of the body hair, heat greater, but under normal circumstances are acceptable. Hair removal is strictly prohibited before pulling hair. After hair removal can be cold water.

2, shaving, if the face, beard leave dirt and dust, once the razor irritated the skin, or slightly bruised skin, dirt will cause skin infections.

After washing your face, apply a hot towel over your beard or apply a soft beard cream to soften your beard. After a while, apply a shaving cream or liquid soap to facilitate the cutting of the beard by the blade and reduce the irritation to the skin.

When shaving, the skin should be tightened to reduce the resistance of the razor to run on the skin and to prevent the skin from touching. Especially in older or thin people, skin wrinkles easily, but should tighten the skin, to maintain its flexibility and a certain degree of support. Shaving order is: from left to right, from top to bottom, first smooth pores, then reverse the pores shaving. Shave finished, with a hot towel to wipe the foam or wash with warm water, should be an examination There are still no stubble children. Rinse again with a razor, then apply the sesame oil over the beard, so the beard grows slowly and without any side effects.

胡子长得太快怎么办 怎么让胡子长得慢一些 剃须有哪些禁忌

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The company is located in: Taboo one: Do not scratch the same beard in different directions. It is easy to shave the beard too short to form a must, causing follicular inflammation.

The company is located in: Taboo two: Do not shave the hair. Although shaving tablets will shave the beard cleaner, but easy to stimulate the formation of the skin must.

The company is located in: Taboo three: Do not shave before strenuous exercise. Because sweat can irritate the skin you have just shaved and become infected.

The company is located in: Taboo four: Never shave before taking a bath. The skin is unprepared, you are likely to have a burning sensation and cause the beard to grow inward.

The company is located in: Taboo five: Do not use blades that are too old or even rusty. Blade is not sharp enough, it should be promptly replaced. (Reference Website: Medical Network)

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