Aphrodisiac drugs can not just eat a man after abuse of Viagra eight horrors

At present, there are no essential differences between the chemical compositions of the Viagra medicines commonly found on the Chinese market. After taking the medicines, they can stimulate the blood flow into the penis and enhance the erection hardness under the action of sexual stimulation. Most pharmacies are sold, the purchase is also very convenient. However, there are certain contraindications to using any medicine, treatment Impotence Of the drug - "Viagra" is no exception, experts suggest that such drugs are not every man can easily eat.

壮阳药有哪些危害 男人吃伟哥有哪些危害 壮阳药的危害有哪些

Abuse aphrodisiac, which can cause harm?

Aphrodisiac should not be used when not in use, will lead to body weight operation, consume a lot of energy and physical exertion, resulting in excessive fatigue, is bound to affect the normal work and life.

It is a side effect of medicine. Aphrodisiacs, while satisfying some physiological desires, contain damaging ingredients that can also harm some of the body's organs. Long-term use will also have dependencies, resulting in the sexual function after leaving the drug itself can not function properly. People with heart problems may be at risk for "forced" expansion of their blood vessels.

Is often rely on impotence to extend the erection time, may result male appear prostate Excessive congestion, after sex, will Pussy , Spermatic cord, testicular bulge discomfort; female Will appear pelvic hyperemia, the lower abdomen Pain , Increased vaginal discharge and other phenomena that may cause genital tract infections.

The company is located in: Eight tragedies after men abuse Viagra

1, permanent impotence

Because Viagra is exogenous drugs, long-term use can produce drug dependence, and even the formation of permanent impotence.

壮阳药有哪些危害 男人吃伟哥有哪些危害 壮阳药的危害有哪些

The company is located in: 2, glaucoma

Eye experts warn that taking Viagra can cause blood pressure to drop, but high intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma, so that 3% to 5% of people may have acute glaucoma, and acute glaucoma can make one night blindness, even if cured can not be restored Eyesight

3, headache

The company is located in: clinical Test found that about 13% of people after taking a headache, some people suffering from severe headache, and take the larger the dose, the more severe headache.

The company is located in: 4, leading to infertility

Experts from a medical research team in the United States believe that using "Viagra" drugs for young people will eventually only affect their reproductive capacity. And suggested: no erectile difficulties in young people, if you want to have children, do not take Viagra.

The company is located in: 5, fainting

The drug may cause sudden drop in blood pressure, if you take nitroglycerin and other drugs, often immediately produce dizziness and faint symptom .

壮阳药有哪些危害 男人吃伟哥有哪些危害 壮阳药的危害有哪些

The company is located in: 6, dazzled

About 3% of the medication can occur short-term blurred vision, and some will appear to see the illusion of blue light. The United States Aviation Control Agency forbids pilot pilots flying within 6 hours of serving Viagra in order to prevent a flight accident.

The company is located in: 7, abnormal erection

Have urethritis, leukemia in men, taking a long time after erection does not fall, the result will be to hurt the genitals muscles, and even aggravate impotence. If erection more than 4 hours you must seek medical advice immediately.

The company is located in: 8, cardiovascular disease

Impotence may be a precursor to heart disease, diabetes or cancer and taking this medicine may mask the real condition. Therefore, men with cardiovascular disease should be used with caution, so as not to cause heart disease or lead to stroke. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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