Men’s ejaculation do not use thin sets of condoms to master the method

In the case of In the case of male Choose a couch of small coup, sex is a very happy thing, and in order to feel at ease love, wearing a condom is the favorite way young people. It can not only eliminate both men and women on the "pregnancy" concerns, but also prevention Many disease It!

男人射精太快可以用安全套吗 使用安全套有哪些禁忌 使用避孕套要注意什么

In the case of In the case of Ejaculation Do not use ultra-thin sets

At the same time, the thickness of the condom on the psychological also have a great impact on men. The thicker the condoms, the lower the sensitivity of the male penis in sexual life, the greater the distance between themselves and the lovers, the worse the natural feeling. It's like we do not like to wear thick gloves to catch something like that.

Today, condoms are mainly thin, thin and ordinary three. Among them, the ultra-thin thickness of 0.03 mm, the general type of thickness of 0.04-0.06 mm, thin condoms are between the two. The United States had a study showed that the thickness of each drop of 0.01 mm, male comfort will rise by 20%, no wonder men will be particularly favored by this type of ultra-thin.

However, ultra-thin condoms are not applicable to everyone. For those who ejaculate faster, on the age and poor self-control of men, or should be thick with some condoms. This is conducive to control ejaculation, extend the sex life, so that both sides fully enjoy the joy of fish and water.

In addition, it is recommended that men best buy small packages, new factory condoms. On the one hand, you can ensure that the shelf life as soon as possible to avoid excessive absorption of lubricant latex. On the other hand, if you wear uncomfortable, you can give up without loss is not big. It is important that this also ensures that the style of the condom is often changed to add to the sex life.

男人射精太快可以用安全套吗 使用安全套有哪些禁忌 使用避孕套要注意什么

In the case of Not erected to wear sets, easy to fall off

Researchers have investigated more than 1,100 men and women, found that nearly a quarter of people in the last month of the wrong use of condoms, such as wearing condoms before the suite will be fully launched, female For the companion wearing a condom when the top of the air did not let go, the male use of condoms will be inside a layer of turned over to wear. These misuse increases the male exclusion of condoms.

In the case of Male condoms use Note:

1, condoms such as the use of found in the hole or slip, only to replace the condom is still unsafe, should immediately stop sexual intercourse, the use of disinfectant cleaning genitals.

2, male condoms can only use water-based lubricant. Vaseline, liquid paraffin, paint on the surface of oil, cooking oil, etc. can be a short time to increase the brittle condom, to speed up its rupture.

3, remove the condom when not allowed semen Flow out, do not let the condoms outside the vaginal discharge contact the body. Each condom can only be used once, and the used condom should be put into a plastic bag and thrown into the trash can.

男人射精太快可以用安全套吗 使用安全套有哪些禁忌 使用避孕套要注意什么

4, male condoms use precautions, condoms must be kept in a cool, dry and non-contact acid, alkali, oil environment. Such as contact with the above conditions become sticky, crisp, even in the shelf life should not be used.

5, male condoms should not be used in advance, but should be in the erection of the penis head from the glans part of the opportunity to start down.

6, if the semen into the vagina situation, immediately using emergency contraception.

Therefore, choose the appropriate type of condom, carefully before use an examination , To grasp the correct use of the method and the use of the process found in the condoms rupture or fall off in the vagina, then stop sexual intercourse, remove the condom from the vagina, and then change the size of a small condom to continue sexual intercourse. If the condom after ejaculation or ejaculation off, immediately remove the condom from the vagina, so you can avoid contraceptive failure. (Refer to website: family doctor online)

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