Aphrodisiac can not just eat men abuse the Viagra after the eight horrors

At present, the Chinese market common "Viagra" class of chemical composition of the drug is no essential difference, after taking the drug, can stimulate the role of sexual stimulation, promote blood flow into the penis, enhance erection hardness. Most pharmacies are sold, the purchase is also very convenient. But the use of any drug may have some taboo, treatment Impotence Of the drug - "Viagra" is no exception, experts suggest that these drugs are not every man can eat casually.

壮阳药有哪些危害 男人吃伟哥有哪些危害 壮阳药的危害有哪些

Abuse of aphrodisiac, which can cause harm?

Aphrodisiac should not be used, do not need to use, will cause the body to run heavy, consume a lot of physical and energy, resulting in excessive fatigue, is bound to affect the normal work and life.

Is the side effects of drugs. Aphrodisiacs to meet some physiological desire at the same time, which contains the harmful ingredients of the body will also play a role in some of the organs. Long-term use will also have a dependency, resulting in leaving the drug itself after the sexual function can not play a normal role. And the heart of the people may be due to cardiovascular "forced" expansion of danger.

Often rely on aphrodisiacs to extend the erection time, which may cause male appear prostate Overexplasia, sexual life, will be Pussy , Spermatic cord, testicular bulge discomfort; female There will be excessive pelvic congestion, lower abdomen Pain , Increased vaginal discharge and other phenomena, may cause reproductive tract infections.

In the case of Men abuse the Viagra after the eight horrors

1, permanent impotence

Viagra is exogenous drugs, long-term use can produce drug dependence, and even the formation of permanent impotence.

壮阳药有哪些危害 男人吃伟哥有哪些危害 壮阳药的危害有哪些

In the case of 2, glaucoma

Ophthalmology experts warn that taking Viagra can lead to lower blood pressure, but glaucoma patients with high intraocular pressure, so that 3% to 5% of people may be acute glaucoma, and acute glaucoma can make people blind, even if the cure can not restore the original The vision.

3, headache

In the case of clinical Test found that about 13% of people after taking headache, individuals suffering from severe headache, and taking the greater the dose, the more severe headache.

In the case of 4, lead to infertility

A US medical research team of experts believe that young people with "Viagra" drugs, and ultimately will only affect their reproductive capacity. And suggested: no erection of young people, if you want to have children, do not take Viagra.

In the case of 5, faint

The drug may have caused the role of sudden drop in blood pressure, if the same time taking nitroglycerin and other drugs, often immediately produce dizziness and even fainted symptom The

壮阳药有哪些危害 男人吃伟哥有哪些危害 壮阳药的危害有哪些

In the case of 6, vertigo

About 3% of the medication can occur short-term blurred vision, and some will appear to see the illusion of blue light. The US Airways Authority banned aircraft pilots from flying within 6 hours of service, with the aim of preventing flight accidents.

In the case of 7, abnormal erection

Urology, leukemia, men can take a long time after the erection does not fall, the results will hurt the pudendal muscle tissue, or even increase the impotence. If the erection of more than 4 hours must immediately seek medical attention.

In the case of 8, cardiovascular disease

Impotence may be a sign of heart disease, diabetes or cancer, taking the drug may cover up the real condition. So the cardiovascular disease of men should be used with caution, so as not to cause heart disease or lead to stroke. (Refer to website: family doctor online)

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