Man perfume perfume more attractive? Perfume on the spray so

In the case of In the case of In the present society, you walk in the street, often will smell a variety of perfume woman. Of course, you carefully point, but also to find some perfume perfume man. Perfume is good, but do not know how to use perfume perfume, then, often make a lot of jokes, it is not charm.

男人怎么喷香水比较好 男性喷香水有哪些注意事项 如何选择适合的香水

In the case of In the case of male The proper use of perfume

Perfume fragrance will play with the temperature to improve the treatment ah, so we choose to spray perfume, try to choose spray in the body temperature is relatively high and the location of the artery.

In the case of Hair

Men can choose to spray a small amount of perfume in the longer hair, perfume fragrance will fly with the wind.

In the case of Behind the ear

This is the most frequently mentioned position, but also relatively easy to volatile so far, this position is more suitable for relatively high concentration of perfume type, gently smear on the line.

In the case of Neck

For men with relatively long hair, because it will be blocked, so the amount of a small amount of smear on the line. Hair short male, can be appropriate to spray a little more.

In the case of Left side of the chest

Perfume spray position the location of the heart is the best, but also the most likely to smell the nose of the body, so the amount of their own to be more cautious grasp.

男人怎么喷香水比较好 男性喷香水有哪些注意事项 如何选择适合的香水

In the case of Wrist

There is a best place to spray perfume perfume, with the movement around the atmosphere want to spread, of course, slaughtering ankle is the same effect.

In the case of Elbow inside

Elbow inside the choice of perfume type used to choose the best spray spray perfume gently spray the inside of the two elves on the line, but should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.

In the case of Waist

The waist is more suitable for spraying warm and refreshing type of perfume, because consider the meal, the best choice to lower the waist position sprayed.

Note: For sensitive ones skin Of men, it is best to spray perfume in the clothes and head, with the body swing and distribution. As well as the armpit and sweat glands developed parts of the perfume is the restricted area, or it is likely to cause counter-effect, this time often will make a lot of jokes.

In the case of Men's perfume precautions

Normal people in the perfume, usually choose to dating half an hour before the spray, so that the maximum guarantee perfume has been around their own body.

男人怎么喷香水比较好 男性喷香水有哪些注意事项 如何选择适合的香水

In the case of Perfume spray seven o'clock method

First step in the first step perfume in the left after the wrist vein, the middle finger and ring finger touch the location of the wrist vein; the second step in the touch of the ear after the root, the neck position; third step palm light hair root hair The fifth step of the use of spray-type perfume sprayed in the waist down the point of the site; the sixth step of the left hand fingers touch the waist just spray the site; the second step of the wrist, Step 7 Use a finger with a perfume to touch the inside of the thigh, the inside of the left and right leg, the medial side of the ankle. This perfume sprayed seven points on the end of the law.

In the case of How to choose perfume properly

The choice of perfume is very important, different people should choose a different perfume. Perfume choice is also a great relationship with the season, sweating more summer, it should choose a light taste. There are different brands of perfume for the crowd is not the same, we are more concerned about the next to know.

In the case of Spice bogey on cotton and silk clothes

Because the chemical composition of perfume is very easy to damage the cotton and silk clothes, but also make the clothes color changes.

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