Men’s fragrance know how much man perfume should be used so

A lot of male Very much attention to the external beauty, and, to dress up their very clean, beautiful, a lot of men, like to wear fashionable clothes, natural perfume essential, a man needs what perfume, it reflects a man's charm, men choose What are the precautions for perfume?

男人怎么挑香水 男士香水涂抹在哪比较好 男士香水怎么保存

In the case of Men choose what kind of perfume best?

In the case of 1, choose your favorite fragrance

Choose your favorite scent, do not just use someone else's gift but you do not like perfume. Really find your favorite fragrance, really can reflect your style of perfume.

In the case of 2, do not blindly chase brand name

The use of perfume entirely by personal hobbies, do not chase brand, perfume is just used to improve their charm of a weapon, but play the role of embellishment. So you do not think the more the more famous the more I will taste. No, if you can let others smell the taste of ordinary perfume in your body, that is what brand, which really played the purpose of perfume.

In the case of Perfume spray in what parts of the best?

In the case of 1, neck

In the case of female That men will perfume spray in the neck of the most so that they feel heart rate, sometimes sitting in the car, the wind blowing, smell the smell of her boyfriend neck, I feel very comfortable.

In the case of 2, ears after

Women think that if the ears have no aroma, it is more like to close.

男人怎么挑香水 男士香水涂抹在哪比较好 男士香水怎么保存

In the case of 3, chest

The perfume used in the chest of men the most sexy, but also the most sense of security, people can not help but want to lean on his chest.

In the case of 4, wrist

When the men gently hand around the women, you can vaguely smell the most charming aroma.

In the case of Men pay attention to perfume:

1, paint perfume man must not barefoot wearing sandals, or will wear a suit like people wearing shoes as people can not get used to.

2, dusty man is best not to "fill incense", or to maintain the "original flavor" better, if a fragrant and dusty man in front of you, I am afraid it is difficult to accept.

3, men with perfume after smoking as little as possible. If mixed with the taste after the smoke is very easy to cause the surrounding people's resentment.

4, men do not taste too thick with perfume Because waves of thick "fragrant wind" so that they are unbearable, not to mention others?

男人怎么挑香水 男士香水涂抹在哪比较好 男士香水怎么保存

5, with perfume men should not use too much oil or fragrant hair spray, mousse, or the body of the fragrance and taste of the head of the oil mixed together, "tacky" difficult to block.

6, women with a man's perfume is a personality, but men with a woman's perfume will be suspected is not a grade problem, especially the kind of sweet flavor, the most suitable for men.

In the case of Men how to save perfume:

1, the use of dipped men's fragrance, the direct dipped into your fingers, fingers on the dirty things are likely to enter the men's fragrance inside, dirty men's fragrance. I suggest you use the nozzle to use.

2, men's fragrance for a long time and not toxic to the body, but the aroma of volatile only. So after the men's fragrance Kaifeng, please use as soon as possible.

3, men's perfume is best stored in a cool place, try to avoid the sun, direct light or placed in the oven, near the microwave and other high temperature. In addition, the moisture is too high, such as the bathroom, will also cause water vapor into the men's fragrance, so that men's fragrance deterioration. So, the safest place is to put the men's fragrance in the packaging carton, and then placed in a cool place, you can ensure that men's fragrance is not easy to degenerate.

4, if the special men's fragrance, want to save more durable, wrapped with plastic wrap into the refrigerator, so you can save about 10 years. Use cling film is prevention The smell of men's fragrance spread to food inside. If the men's perfume stored properly, usually after opening the bottle, you can also have one to two years of life. (Refer to the website: find medicine to ask the drug)

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