Men have oral contraceptives harm you men can also be so contraception

Before we only know there is female Contraceptives, now on the market already have male Oral contraceptives. But for this medicine, many male friends do not understand, the great harm to men? Men in addition to oral contraceptives can also be how contraception?

男人吃避孕药有危害吗 男人口服避孕药有什么副作用 男人可以怎么避孕

In the case of Men have oral contraceptives have no harm?

Male oral contraceptives 1: luteinizing hormone release hormone

Produce inhibin, resulting in reduced testosterone content, so that sperm The formation of blocked; anti-sperm drug China traditional Chinese medicine Experts try to use traditional Chinese medicine contraception.

Suppression Ejaculation Drug receptor blockers, such as phenoxybenzamine, phenol amilathin, tolasu can block the contraction of the secondary testis and vas deferens, so that ejaculation blocked and infertility. Physical methods include the use of condoms and the implementation of vasectomy and so on. In addition, testis by heating, laser irradiation can also inhibit the role of germ cell spermatogenesis.

In the case of Male oral contraceptives 2: male hormones

The use of androgen (injection of testosterone propionate) 60 days after the testis to stop sperm, 5 months after stopping the testicular function rebound, can produce a large number of sperm, so early as a contraceptive, after stopping treatment Sperm reduction.

In the case of Male oral contraceptives 3: gossypol

The anti-fertility effects, mechanism and mechanism, pharmacology and toxicity of gossypol in 14 provinces and cities in China have been studied. It is found that the target cells of gossypol are mainly testicular spermatogenic cells, which can inhibit the occurrence of spermatozoa. This has aroused great attention from all over the world.

After long-term observation, gossypol after taking hypokalemia muscle weakness, after stopping the fertility is difficult to restore, it is necessary to further study.

男人吃避孕药有危害吗 男人口服避孕药有什么副作用 男人可以怎么避孕

Women taking birth control pills will have a great impact on the body, compared to men's physical strength, and no menstrual interference, so by reason, men taking birth control pills, will be able to minimize the risk of contraception. However, before the medication must not be taken lightly, we must carefully look at the instructions.

In the case of Men can also be so contraception:

1, condom

For this little rubber sleeve, most men are not unfamiliar. Although the small cover so that some people feel "not enough cool", but this is, after all, is currently the most widely used contraceptive tools. Due to improper use of the method, condoms sometimes unsafe, Moreover, there are some miscellaneous brand of condom quality is not up to the standard, in the selection must be careful. The advantage of this method is that both couples are almost no side effects, at any time safe pregnancy, but also prevention disease spread. Is the doctor's first choice.

Insufficient: effective contraception rate of about 90%. A few people or their wives to rubber allergy Outside the male can not be used.

In the case of 2, surgery

At present, there are three kinds of birth control surgery: vasectomy ligation, vas deferens sticky block, non-obstructive vasectomy device. The latter two procedures are based on traditional ligation.

Always with trauma, pain associated with the surgery, sounds a bit horrible, however, the whole process of birth control surgery, but 20 minutes, no needles, recovery time only two days, almost no scars after surgery, the trauma of small, recovery Fast beyond the imagination of many people.

男人吃避孕药有危害吗 男人口服避孕药有什么副作用 男人可以怎么避孕

In the case of Vasectomy: Cut off as a sperm transport pipeline vas deferens, no doubt to prevent the pregnancy. The origin of the two vas deferens is located in the scrotum, from the outside of the scrotum can be touched and pulled to the scrotum skin Department, therefore, the doctor just in the scrotum on the wear of a small grain of small mouth, cut vas deferens, you can achieve contraceptive effect.

Many people worry about cutting vas deferens, whether there is no semen shot out or less? Men usually produce about 2ml semen each time, of which seminal vesicle and prostatic fluid accounted for more than 90% of the volume of semen, this part will still be shot, after ligation, only semen volume of less than 10% of the epididymal fluid and sperm was blocked , Therefore, the amount of semen will not cause much impact. When the need for pregnancy, you can line vasectomy, re-pass rate can reach more than 90%.

Insufficient: some men after surgery will appear epididymal syndrome and discomfort.

In the case of Vas deferens sticky surgery: This method differs from ligation in that it does not have to cut the vas deferens, but rather injects the specially made material (the main component of the petroleum) into the vas deferens, where the vas deferens are stimulated to form scars and sclerosis, thereby losing channel function.

Insufficient: Because the amount of injection material is not easy to control, so that some people vas deferens were sticky block length is too long, there are surgical site acupuncture-like discomfort. This method has been abandoned by the vast majority of clinicians.

In the case of Non-obstructive vas deferens: The major media have reported the "male birth control ring" technology, the scientific name is non-obstructive vasectomy device. The method is placed in the male vas deferens inside a special material (nylon material) made of the filter, the sperm stopped, and thus play a contraceptive purposes. When you do not need contraception, you can remove the filter, restore normal fertility. One of the benefits of this surgery is to avoid the traditional ligation after surgery may occur in epididymal deposition. (Reference website: 39 health network)

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