Sunglasses will lead to glaucoma? Man sunglasses so pick

Sunglasses, men have always been handsome summer, increase the degree of fashion, sunscreen essential weapon, but the face of the market a variety of different styles, different colors of the sun, men in the end how to choose it? Moreover, ophthalmic experts, if the sunglasses Improper choice, not only can not be protected eye The role, and even harm our health The Let's take a look at it.

戴太阳镜会引发什么疾病 太阳镜该怎么挑选 怎么保养墨镜比较好

In the case of Due to sunglasses choose or wear improperly caused disease Mainly in the following cases:

Can cause cataract and retinal disorders.

5% of all rays in the sun's surface to the Earth are ultraviolet and ultraviolet against the human body skin , The eyes have a greater damage. UV-B ultraviolet light at wavelengths between 280 and 320 microns can cause keratitis and skin cancer, UV-C ultraviolet rays at wavelengths between 320 and 380 microns can cause cataract and retinal burns. If you wear a sunglasses without UV protection, it is more dangerous than wearing sunglasses. Because the human body has a self-protection of the instinctive reaction, the eyes of a strong light, the pupil will naturally become smaller, making the eyes of the UV energy to reduce, once put on the color of the darker sunglasses, will make the pupil zoom On the glasses do not isolate the role of ultraviolet light, when the eyes are equal to the portal open, the invasion of ultraviolet energy will greatly increase the damage to the lens and retina can be imagined.

In the case of Can induce acute attack of glaucoma.

Because wearing sunglasses, the visible light into the eye to reduce the pupil will naturally open, resulting in narrow anterior chamber angle, resulting in poor drainage of aqueous humor, a long time, easy to induce angle-closure glaucoma acute attack. The patient will appear jealous, eye pain, headache, sharp decline in vision, and even accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other body symptom The So people with glaucoma or glaucoma tend to (family history) of people should not wear sunglasses.

In the case of Can cause visual fatigue.

Surface is not smooth, uneven tone of poor sunglasses can easily lead to visual fatigue. In addition, some people regardless of time and occasion, regardless of the strength of light, and even watching movies, television, wearing sunglasses. This will increase the burden on the eye, causing eye muscle tension, blurred vision, severe dizziness, there can be a long time and other symptoms.

戴太阳镜会引发什么疾病 太阳镜该怎么挑选 怎么保养墨镜比较好

In the case of Can cause sunglasses syndrome.

Suffering from sunglasses syndrome more common in fashionable young people, they prefer to wear a wide side, frame thickness, weight heavy frame sunglasses. This type of glasses for 1 to 2 weeks in a row, wearing glasses who will appear between the eyes or both sides of the cheek numbness, sensation and other symptoms, breathing feeling of nasal discomfort, like suffering cold The Some people feel like a small insect crawling in the face, numbness of the maxillary gums, upper teeth feel discomfort, eye soreness.

In the case of Choose sunglasses tips

Small sunglasses there are so many health risks, it seems that the choice of a good sunglasses is essential. Sunglasses choose a very knowledgeable, in general, should be considered from the following aspects:

In the case of lens:

The lens surface to smooth, no ripple, no flaws, no bubbles, no wear marks. Identify the quality of the lens has one of the most simple way is to take glasses back and forth in the eyes to see whether the corresponding movement of the object. If it is, that the lens is not smooth, there are convex, are unqualified lenses. Of course, this is the light mirror, if it is myopia sunglasses this move may not be exact.

In the case of color:

With the increasing role of sunglasses as an ornament, the color becomes colorful. In the choice of Hou, in addition to consider the personal preferences, environmental factors, should also probably understand the role of color. In general, the color of the lens selection, should be seen after wearing the surrounding environment, the color is not distorted, the edge of the object is clear, can effectively identify the principle of different color lights. Like light gray, light brown, light green and other medium depth of the lens more appropriate. Of course, if the requirements of shading effect is strong, you should choose the darker lenses. But can not choose the color when the car is too deep or the lens, or can not effectively identify the different colors of the traffic signal.

戴太阳镜会引发什么疾病 太阳镜该怎么挑选 怎么保养墨镜比较好

In the case of Place of purchase:

The best to the regular optical shop to choose the regular manufacturers with anti-ultraviolet function of the sunglasses. Street vendors, hawkers are mostly no business license and optometry equipment, they sell sunglasses although the price is cheap, but mostly fake and shoddy products, there is generally no anti-UV function, uneven color, surface quality unqualified, architecture Design unreasonable and other issues.

In the case of Tag:

Do not underestimate the little brand of this humble, in addition to the top of the glasses to tell you the factory, but also hidden a lot of useful information, such as glasses is a sunglasses or light mirror, resin lens or acrylic.

In the case of In the glasses maintenance As far as possible to the following points:

1, focus on the protection of the mirror, because the mirror scratches not only affect the appearance, but also affect the comfort and vision.

2, remember to put the glasses in the cold or too hot very warm environment, the frame will be deformed.

3, driving friends remember to put glasses on the rear window and block the glass edge, it is easy to break. (Reference website: medical network)

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