Boys how sun? Apply sunscreen to do this thing

Men in the smear sunscreen when there will be many errors, most of the men in the sun a little dilemma, both fear tanning, but did not dare to apply sunscreen and umbrella, so that they are still in their acceptance of sunglasses. They always think that rubbing sunscreen is not enough masculine. So how can a man sunscreen better?

男生夏季怎么防晒比较好 涂防晒霜要注意什么 防晒霜怎么擦效果比较好

In the case of Choose for yourself skin Of sunscreen

Men choose sunscreen to see their skin on the degree of response to UV. If the skin is not sensitive to ultraviolet light, rub 2 times or 10 times the sunscreen value on the line; if the skin has a strong reaction to the UV, the choice of high degree of sunscreen products.

To go out before the 20 or 30 minutes, coated with sunscreen SPF15 above, if it is a long time in the outdoor activities, will have to be painted once every two hours. Generally in the city's daily activities, usually choose 15 times the sunscreen products. If you go swimming, or go close to the tropical areas will use multiple high, even more than 45 times the sunscreen.

In the case of The number of sunscreen products depends on the skin

If the skin is sensitive to sunlight, rub for 2 hours or 3 hours. The sensitivity of the sun is very small, then every 4 hours, or one day rub enough time.

In the case of Replace the new sunscreen every year

As sunscreen sunscreen is usually only one year, even if not expired, sunscreen effect also reduced a lot, usually have sunscreen habits of men, every year to replace sunscreen. If you accidentally sun burns, to repair the care in time, smear some sun repair cream, or with aloe vera gel for sun care.

男生夏季怎么防晒比较好 涂防晒霜要注意什么 防晒霜怎么擦效果比较好

In the case of Men who apply sunscreen need to do these things


Sunscreen is also a skin care products, so before the smear, must first cleansing, with cleanser to clean the skin thoroughly, men's stratum corneum thick, strong oil secretion, in the summer itself is easy to oil sweating Season, if you do not wash your face, painted sunscreen will feel the skin is very greasy, and easy to rub mud.

In the case of Skin care

After cleansing, in accordance with international practice, is still skin care, although the sun can protect the skin from being tanned, there is a protective effect, but its essence or cosmetics, containing chemical composition, directly applied to the skin, the skin is somewhat stimulating , So it is recommended that the first skin care and then smear, skin care products not only for the skin to add a full day of moisture and humidity, while avoiding sunscreen direct contact with the skin, thereby reducing the sunscreen damage to the skin.

Men's skin care if more stressful, is to apply a full set of water cream, but in the summer smear cream, the skin may feel some oil, so only the water and milk is also OK.

In the case of Apply sunscreen

After applying the skin care products, began to smear sunscreen, from the face of the skin began to Tu.

男生夏季怎么防晒比较好 涂防晒霜要注意什么 防晒霜怎么擦效果比较好

If you are using a sunscreen with a ball, then the first shaking before the bottle, to help even, no ball sunscreen can be directly applied. Apply, apply the right amount of sunscreen, respectively, in the face of the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and then use the fingers to wipe evenly, there is no uniform place can be coated again.

Men in the sunscreen, but also a lot of attention, can not light the face, since you have painted sunscreen, and then do not be too lazy full set. In accordance with the order from top to bottom, followed by the neck, arms, legs and other positions, all exposed in the appearance of the skin, should be applied to the sunscreen one by one, do a comprehensive sun, in order to ensure that our skin is not sun Black sunburn.

In the case of Men's sunscreen precautions

1. sunscreen must be in the 30 minutes before going out on the coating, because the skin in the absorption of sunscreen, also need some time, if it is just finished coating on the go, there is no sunscreen effect.

2. According to their own environment, choose the correct SPF, usually all day sitting in the office, coated with SPF20 sunscreen can be; sitting on the side of the office window, you can be sunshine, smear SPF30 sunscreen ; If it is outdoor workers, or go to the high ultraviolet places, have to apply SPF50 sunscreen is enough.

3. Sunscreen according to their own environment, need to make up, the higher the UV, sunscreen failure faster, the more sweating, sunscreen failure faster, so the indoor workers can Morning painted once, at noon make up a coating; outdoor workers, according to their own ambient temperature, 2-4 hours to make up once. (Reference website: Health Network)

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