Healthy men’s pajamas help you sleep well

Good sleep has a very important effect on the body, pajamas as a companion to us go to bed Of a large item is also essential, may be a lot of men sleep only when they just put on a T-shirt, shorts, but in fact pick the right pajamas for health It is better. How do you choose healthy men's pajamas?

怎么挑选男士睡衣 怎么提高睡眠质量 做什么可以提高睡眠质量

In the case of Four techniques teach you to choose the right pajamas

1, the choice of fabric

Currently on the market in addition to the more common cotton and silk fabrics, there are more choices, such as brocade, printed Fuchun spinning, silk cover cotton. These materials are not only soft and comfortable pajamas, style is more diversified, you can give men more choices. In general, cotton and silk material is the best. Especially for men, it is easier to sweat, so there is a good permeability, sweat effect Cotton and silk material is the key.

In the case of 2, the choice of style

Style choice is to wear up the time, the body will feel comfortable, there is no sense of restraint, so as to the most comfortable state into sleep. Part of the pajamas on the market in order to pursue a sense of design or fashion sense, will be in the cuff or waist with elastic design, this design actually wear when there will be a sense of urgency, bring some discomfort. Pajamas should be designed to simple style-based, after all, wearing pajamas is to make their own comfortable, not for fashion.

In the case of 3, the choice of color

Another color of the pajamas should also be considered a part, in general, the color is more soft, such as white, blue and so on. Elegant and light color can make people relax, should avoid bright colors, such as bright red, a variety of fluorescent colors, etc., will give a visual interference from the impact of rest.

In the case of 4, the quality of choice

怎么挑选男士睡衣 怎么提高睡眠质量 做什么可以提高睡眠质量

In addition to the above objective factors, the purchase should also pay attention to the choice of quality assurance of the brand, or everyone praise more brands. The quality of the clothes is not easy to cause physical discomfort, serious words are more likely to lead skin disease The In this case, it is worth the candle. In addition, if you do not want to waste, then, in fact, usually wear old cotton T-shirt out, as a pajamas wearing. On the one hand after a period of time after wearing cotton clothes will actually become more comfortable, on the other hand is environmentally friendly behavior.

In addition to good pajamas, these can also improve the quality of sleep.

Timely shut down the interference light

Artificial light will hinder the release of the body to induce hormones, so the bedroom as far as possible not to put computers, television and smart phones and other items to produce artificial light source. Pet family, it is recommended not to leave pets in the bedroom.

In the case of Keep the cool sleep temperature

The most suitable sleep temperature is about 18.5 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to set the indoor air conditioning temperature around this temperature. Of course, the premise is to ensure that the hands and feet warm, if necessary, you can wear loose socks to sleep.

In the case of Weekends also keep regular sleep

Some people will feel usually lack of sleep, use the weekend to sleep more time to add. In fact, this approach is not necessarily effective, but also may break the law of sleep. Every day at the same time to sleep, sleep time roughly the same, make sleep more efficient. Daytime nap time is best not more than half an hour, otherwise the night will be more difficult to sleep.

怎么挑选男士睡衣 怎么提高睡眠质量 做什么可以提高睡眠质量

In the case of Other sleeping coup

Before you go to sleep to do some preparatory work will also improve the quality of sleep to help. Such as doing aromatherapy massage, do stretching exercises, like some happy things, listen to loose songs and so on.

In the case of Tame your stomach

Whether it is too full or too hungry will interfere with sleep. Do not eat a big meal before going to sleep, or hungry may not sleep.

On the other hand, if you put down when the stomach is still full of Dangdang, then the stomach will be back into the feed Road. If it is really hungry, eat rich carbohydrate small snacks, can trigger the release of cerebral serotonin, this thing helps to relax, men insomnia when we must pay attention to the bed food s Choice.

In the case of Regulate diet

We often see the situation: a small number of people in the evening a lot of food coffee , Chocolate, cola, tea and so on food Or drinks after the subjective feeling of no sleep bad.

But the experiment confirmed that their deep sleep will be badly affected, men sleep patients before going to sleep, do not eat these things. (Reference website: thirty-nine Health Hall)

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