Aphrodisiac may cause infertility male impotence can also make up

In the case of In the case of With the development of society, men are more and more pressure, so suffer Sexual dysfunction The people are also growing. They are not in front of his wife, "face sweeping", began to secretly take aphrodisiac. Impotence drugs really extend the penis erection time, increased pleasure, but the drug three detoxification, but also to the body to bring a negative impact.

男人服用壮阳药有哪些副作用 壮阳药有哪些危害 男人壮阳可以多吃什么

In the case of What are the hazards of taking aphrodisiacs?

In the case of 1. Erect: Aphrodisiac should be used moderately, and some male Friends are very sensitive to aphrodisiac, taking aphrodisiac after the feeling of abnormal strong, but some people continue to erected penis, and some even for several days were erect state, this situation is very dangerous, the duration may lead to too long Penis necrosis, encounter this situation should be immediately to hospital Medical treatment.

In the case of 2. Drug dependence: The choice of aphrodisiac is also very important, some aphrodisiacs have a strong dependence, may not be qualified products, taking aphrodisiac drugs may lead to long drug dependence, do not take medicine can not have sex.

In the case of 3. headache: headache symptom Is not common, after the relevant test, headache symptoms occurred only about 13% of the people, if you take aphrodisiac after a headache symptoms, and taking the greater the headache and more severe headache, encountered this situation should stop taking medication.

In the case of 4. vertigo: Aphrodisiac drug advertising, some impotence brand will make people short-term vision trance, and some will emerge blue, resulting in hallucinations, this situation is generally short, if this situation should be replaced by other brands of aphrodisiacs The

In the case of 5. fever fever: Belong to the more common phenomenon, some people eat aphrodisiacs will appear face fever and fever, after a while will automatically disappear.

In the case of 6. Blood pressure reduction: Blood pressure is too low, then it may cause fainting, some people eat aphrodisiac blood pressure greatly reduced, and even may be life-threatening.

In the case of 7. infertility: clinical On the emergence of such a situation, impotence may cause infertility, but not absolutely what will happen.

男人服用壮阳药有哪些副作用 壮阳药有哪些危害 男人壮阳可以多吃什么

In the case of Men eat these can be impotence:

1: mussels

Mussels also known as bead, shells. Rich in protein, iodine, B vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus and so on. Its taste salty, warm, with warm kidney Gujing, Qi tonic effect The Applicable to men sexual dysfunction, nocturnal emission, room labor, Diabetes embolism. Men can eat strong body can enhance sexual function.

In the case of 2: oysters

Oysters also known as oyster clams, oysters. Rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein, sugar and other vitamins. Its taste salty, slightly cold, there are yin and yang, kidney astringent fine effect. Men often eat oysters can improve sexual function and sperm the quality of. On the men's spermatorrhea, lack of fatigue, Kidney deficiency And so have a better effect.

In the case of 3: leek

Leek is not only fresh and delicious, nutrient is also very rich, in addition to containing more cellulose chives, can increase gastrointestinal motility, beneficial to the habit of constipation and prevention of colorectal cancer has important significance, it also contains volatile oil and sulfur compounds , With the promotion of appetite, sterilization and lower blood lipids. Therefore, the high blood lipids, Coronary heart disease Patient benefit Leek or blindly traditional Chinese medicine, leek liver and life door, the frequency of urination, enuresis and so on. Leek due to warming liver and kidney, to help Yang Gujing role prominent, so in the Pharmacopoeia "from the grass" in the name. Leek seed as a stimulant, there are solid fine, help yang, kidney, cure, warm waist and knee and so on, for spermatorrhea, polyuria and other diseases. With leek seed powder, every morning and evening service 15 grams, water delivery service, effective treatment of Yang Wei. With leek root, fried juice orally, can cure night sweats, spontaneous perspiration.

男人服用壮阳药有哪些副作用 壮阳药有哪些危害 男人壮阳可以多吃什么

In the case of 4: sheep kidney

Sheep kidney, also known as sheep kidneys. Rich in protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus and so on. Its sweet, warm. Health and good blood, impotence kidney effect, for kidney consumption.

In the case of 5: medlar

Wolfberry, also known as wolfberry. Wolfberry fruit sweet, nature, into the liver, kidney, lung, nourishing liver and kidney, Yijing eyesight, and blood Runzao, Ze Yue Yan, Peiyuan hair and other effects, is to improve the male and female sexual function The Can be used for the treatment of liver and kidney, dizziness, depending on the material dim, nocturnal emission, pale yellow, hair to be yellow, Yaoxisuanruan, Yin Gong cough, the elderly Diabetes embolism. Medlar has enhanced immune function, enhance the body resistance, promote cell regeneration, lower blood cholesterol levels, anti-atherosclerosis, improve skin elasticity, anti-organ and skin aging and so on. Often serving wolfberry fruit, can delay aging, skin beauty and improve sexual function. Wolfberry fruit excitatory nerve effect, sexual desire hyperactivity should not be taken.

In the case of 6: pine nuts

Pine nut is an important aphrodisiac food. Pine nuts sweet, sexual tepid, a strong Yang bone, and blood skin, lungs and cough, bowel laxative and other effects. Pine nuts contain more unsaturated fatty acids, high-quality protein, a variety of vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption of physical fitness, improve the body's immune function, anti-aging, eliminate skin wrinkles, moisturizing beauty, enhance sexual function and so on. Is the elderly in nourishing health food. On the loss of appetite, strong sense of fatigue, nocturnal emission, night sweats, dreams, physically weak who have a better effect. Pine nuts contain oil can nourish the skin, so that the skin delicate and soft. (Reference website: medical network)

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