From the man to see how to drink a man how to drink thousands of cups do not drunk

In the case of In the case of Men for the choice of wine can also show a man's character and taste, because different wines have different meanings, of course, also represents a different man. Men's daily life for the choice of wine space, beer, cocktails, red grape Wine, pink wine, white wine and so can choose. So what do you like to choose?

从男人喝酒可以看出他的性格吗 男人怎么喝酒才能千杯不醉 怎么喝酒不容易醉

In the case of From the drink to see character:

In the case of 1, choose not to drink (alcohol allergy except): Is always ready to make their own sober man, afraid of drinking spit words. This man is more stubborn, do not want to listen to the views of others, it will not casually show their true feelings, get along with such a man will make people very thought.

In the case of 2, choose beer: Talk with anyone, with a spirit of service, love to please others, but also easy to get someone else's goodwill.

In the case of 3, choose cocktail: Most of them are good at playing the new new human, very attention to the atmosphere. But if the cocktail does not pay much attention to taste and look at the name of the man, it is more nostalgic, easy to hurt, more vulnerable personality.

In the case of 4, choose red wine: Most of them are motivated people, want to do it, is a realist, everything will focus on now, very dedicated to money and power, relatively speaking, is not a romantic but very stable, very practical man.

In the case of 5, choose pink wine: This man must be a "love", very know how to use flowers, sweet words and gifts to please female , Love is a good player.

从男人喝酒可以看出他的性格吗 男人怎么喝酒才能千杯不醉 怎么喝酒不容易醉

In the case of 6, choose white wine: Is a desperate pursuit dream Want and ideal people, just often ignore the section, so, and the loss of some opportunities for women will be a good partner.

In the case of 7, choose champagne: Character is more picky, is not satisfied with the ordinary people, like the pursuit of gorgeous, noble, the requirements of the opposite sex is also high, even as ordinary friends, get along with them also have considerable conditions.

In the case of 8, choose whiskey plus ice: Is a real person who likes to drink, at the same time is a pragmatist, cheerful, will not pretentious, with people when the good and bad, even if the other is a woman will not be so convergence.

In the case of The following nutritionists teach you ten coup let you drink a thousand cups do not drunk:

1. When you are tired, do not drink properly.

2. When drinking, eat liver and other animal liver, in order to improve the body's ability to detoxify ethanol.

3. Eat when eating green leafy vegetables, one of the antioxidants and vitamins can protect the liver.

4. When eating more soy products, one of the lecithin has the role of protecting the liver.

从男人喝酒可以看出他的性格吗 男人怎么喝酒才能千杯不醉 怎么喝酒不容易醉

5. drink a cup of milk before drinking, or eat a few slices of bread, do not drink fasting, so as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa.

6. Estimated drinking for a long time, take the Vb family in advance until the entertainment less, to protect the liver. Can also be consciously eat rich Vb family of animals, liver, pig beef, egg yolk, vegetables, oats and other coarse grains, in order to improve the body Vb content.

7. drink white wine, drink plenty of water in order to facilitate the alcohol as soon as possible with the urine excreted; drink beer, to ground on the toilet; drink spirits when the best ice.

8. Drink should not be too fast too much, you should drink slowly, let the body have time to break the body of ethanol.

9. Do not drink after taking medicine, especially in the service of sleeping pills, sedatives, cold After the drug.

10. Do not drink carbonated drinks when drinking, such as cola, soft drinks, etc., so as not to speed up the body to absorb the speed of alcohol. (Reference site: a long time health network)

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