How to choose a luxury men how luxury men

Society continues to develop, people are constantly improving, life is also undergoing earth-shaking changes, and people's pursuit of beauty is gradually changing, so now luxury has become a lot of people love.

男士怎么选择合适的奢侈品 男性奢侈品有哪些 男人有哪些必备的奢侈品

In the case of How do men choose luxury jewelry

With the current changes in the trend of society and the pursuit of aesthetic changes, jewelry is no longer female Of the patent, men choose to wear for their own jewelry, can enhance their temperament, the pursuit of chic style, has become a fashion. Men can choose the jewelry ring, bracelet, cufflinks, necklaces, brooches and so on. Rings, necklaces are standing jewels; belt buckles, tie clips, cufflinks is male Unique jewelry, men taste full; brooches, bracelet selection is often associated with clothes and occasions together. Mature men can choose matching necklaces, rings and so on. In the design, try to choose simple atmosphere of the shape, less cumbersome, more low-key; in the material, you can try platinum and other precious metals, thus highlighting the mature men steady and simple quality of life.

Men engaged in fashion trends can choose the shape of personality, but exquisite small, with the trend of clothing at the same time a little embellishment can be, or easy to appear frivolous, fancy. Sunny sports boys can choose cute fresh type of jewelry, in general, the neck is more suitable for this type of boys, not because of the movement when the rub rub and touch the damaged jewelry or bring the inconvenience of movement, while unique Of the neck decoration also highlights the young people publicity personality, sunny male, obediently male, young, nothing can not. In addition to the choice of style, men also pay attention to the choice of color gemstones, can not vulgar, you can choose black agate, black sapphire, white topa and other more solemn colors, you can also use Swiss blue topaz, garnet and other colorful Of the gem, but pay attention to the tone of the masculine taste. On the whole, men in the choice and wear jewelry, should pay attention to highlight the male atmosphere, chic, taste and personality.

The right to choose a luxury, you can better reflect a person's taste and quality, but if you violate some of the principles, then it will easily become a gaudy or show off their wealth, so men health Experts hope that in the purchase of luxury goods, male friends should be the right choice.

In the case of What is the luxury of men?

● riva yacht

The highest state of burns.

In the case of ● Rolls Royce sedan

Rolls-Royce is an unparalleled man car. He is not only the meaning of the car is not supreme, it is the culmination of the works of art.

男士怎么选择合适的奢侈品 男性奢侈品有哪些 男人有哪些必备的奢侈品

In the case of ● Patek Philippe1415HU world time - prototype table

Today, the world's most expensive price of the watch, is this Patek Philippe 1415 world time platinum table, worth once as high as half a billion, it can also show the world any corner of the current time.

In the case of ● Le million phone

Mobile phone shell all built by pure platinum; mobile phone inlaid with 120 karats of VVS-1 level of natural diamonds; want to get the words need to be scheduled. The original value of this phone $ 1,000,000, not including consumption tax, luxury tax ... ...

In the case of Louis Vuitton drawer suitcase

Over the years, it has always been the world's nobility, gentleman ladies to provide self-exile dream miss you. Let you spend a lot of money LV travel supplies series, is to take the trouble to try to travel this bitter thing to become more elegant, more aristocratic.

In the case of ● BURBERRY windbreaker

Conservative, traditional, classical design style is BURBERRY brand left to the impression. The traditional "Burberry plaid" and "new Hausberg" are protected by the registration of the British Trademark Office.

In the case of ● Giorgio Armani suit

"Armani suit always let people graceful", if you do not know what to wear and worry, may wish to try this popular in Europe and the United States high society dress code.

In the case of Hermes tie

Hermes silk tie is known for its distance, it is because these ties not only color is complete, and exquisite designs touch. The characteristics of the tie is that people feel fun but yet stable, no frivolous.

男士怎么选择合适的奢侈品 男性奢侈品有哪些 男人有哪些必备的奢侈品

In the case of Ferragamo footwear

This was founded in 1927, a well-known brand from Italy, one of the most prominent shoe family, by the Italian Salvatore Ferragamo pioneered. Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Duke of Windsor and other celebrities sought after it is also the cause of this brand fascinated.

In the case of ● Cartier ring

Cartier is a luxury brand involved in multiple fields, cartier = luxury.

In the case of ● Cohiba cigars

Romantic poet Byron once said: "Give me a cigar, in addition, I have nothing to ask." From Patton General, Roosevelt, Churchill to Clinton, Powell, Castro, these heavyweight men are Is the world famous cigar lovers. Cigars are also known as the exclusive sense of the true luxury of men.

In the case of ● Givenchy lighter

With a Givenchy lighter and pen, will be in any occasion inadvertently showing a refined elegance and cool and elegant noble beauty.

● Gucci leather goods

Has been high-end, luxury, sexy style and famous, and "identity and wealth of the symbol" to become the darling of high society people.

Some successful men certainly need to sign a check in certain circumstances, this time need a tube for their own identity of the high-end luxury pen, which is Montblanc pen. Do not underestimate this pen, the world more than half of the people are not afford to use, so this pen also belong to the luxury of men. (Reference website: Wen Kang male)

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