Men’s special Longqing sterilization liquid care solution

The study concluded that cleaning with soap cleaning supplies Private office Easy to induce urinary, reproductive system of the uplink infection. This is due to soap PH value of 8-9, easy to damage the body skin The surface of the natural environment, but the nature of the bath products can not completely solve the private parts of the problem, so the use of private parts of the special cleaning products is necessary product name: Longqing sterilization liquid care (gel-free type) for men

Product Specifications: 112ml

Product ingredients: Chlorhexidine acetate (0.20% -0.25%), eucalyptus alcohol, ethanol, special effects Moisturizing Factors and so on

manufacturer: Hangzhou excellence Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Features: Selection of international epidemic fungicides and a variety of natural precious spices, special effects of moisturizing silver, with sterilization, Moisturizing , Moisturizing and other functions. Chlorhexidine acetate can kill quickly male Genitals Common variety of pathogens (E. coli, golden yellow grape Coccidia and Candida albicans) prevention Cross-infection of pathogens, disposable formula, use, scientific care. For the exact modulation of the product ph value of men, in line with the male genital acid base value, so that positioning sterilization, maintenance of male genital self-cleaning system balance.

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