Four tips to maintain the man’s little brother

The same time as the above-

The same time as the above-

On the contrary, white color Of the penis, even if there are points the amount , Or people feel the bubble, no strong column impression.

Perhaps a little more fine, short, but the black gives the feeling of lean, exciting female The sense of anticipation. Sex this thing, it can be said from the visual part of the beginning, the dark penis in actual use before, it has accounted for a very favorable position.

The reason why the penis is black, mainly caused by the precipitation of melanin. sexual intercourse The more the number of penis skin By the more severe stimulation, then the more melanin precipitation. In fact, melanin makes the skin stronger and helps the penis's endurance. Black penis so that experienced women are met, there is its reason for it!

However, with how many times to make the penis black, do not have a more convenient way? I suggest that the penis may wish to do the "sunbathing". In addition to the beach, the mountains, the weather is good when the roof can not see other places, take off the pants sun drying penis. Like the sun at the seaside, melanin will precipitate on the skin of the penis, practicing a dark and dry penis.

However, do not breathe too much for a long time, so as not to produce dermatitis not suited to sunlight. Here is not like the back or arms, inflammation may be in trouble.

In addition, UV is easy to cause skin cancer The In order to avoid being Sunburn ,be usable Sunscreen Oil, sunscreen lotion and the like maintenance Product. This is like climbing stairs, anxious not, must be slowly work out The

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