Poria porridge has the effect of physical fitness

"Fairy porridge" Dunhuang Grottoes unearthed in the scroll of a longevity recipe - "fairy porridge." Specific methods: take yam (peeled) 500 grams, its cooked; Gorgon 250 grams, cooked to shelling for the end, the above two flavors into the rice 500 grams, simmer, empty stomach food. The same time as the above- effect : Make good use of fatigue, Qi Qi strong, strong yuan Yang, only vent essence. "Poria porridge" This medicine porridge is the Song Dynasty writer Su Shi's brother Su rut found. Su Zhe less time sick, summer is not too spleen food, autumn is cold, long time Medication Unhealed Once, he talked with friends that, practicing qigong, food Poria can cure the disease. So he said in accordance with a friend said for a year, really recovered. Since then, he carefully studied the "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" and other medical books, and produced a "Poria porridge." After this side to tell his father Su Xun, his brother Su Shi, the whole family to take. Specific methods: take Poria 15 grams, with rice 50 grams of porridge, 1 day, morning empty stomach service. Efficacy: physical fitness, longevity. (Editor: Xiasha)

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