Four coup tricks comfortable men’s underwear

Purchase guidelines: 1, do not need to be shy, and more to the clerk inquiries, can buy the most comfortable underwear. 2, when the purchase to pay attention to an examination Hand, such as the key parts of the car line is smooth, supple. 3, men's underwear wear mainly lies in the key parts and pants between the zipper friction, to avoid prolonged use of detergent soak, extend life. One: cotton underwear the most comfortable? For Khan more people, cotton may not be the best choice, in fact, the following fabric underwear in the key parts will use cotton bottom, as comfortable. Generally believed that cotton texture comfortable, some people do not buy cotton. But according to the clerk, cotton underwear, although sweat, but not easy to dry, especially driving a private car and sweating men in order to avoid sticky feeling, you can choose to use fast-drying Korean silk fabric, good water absorption, Cool In addition, there is a kind of wood called the fabric is very comfortable, with the texture of the cotton is similar to its absorption and release of water faster than the average cotton 50%, when you can ask the clerk. Two: high panties pants, sexy signs? Legs are extremely thick people can choose full high pants. In the women's design concept, the high pants are generally modified role, so that the legs look slender, but the men's underwear in the high slits starting point is not sexy, but to take care of the legs thick male The It is reported that, because the market feedback, men prefer to buy leg underwear side of the underwear, so the manufacturers still designed the edge of the package Pants underwear, do not wear full pants underwear, then it is more suitable. Three: quadrangular pants resurgence, the more relaxed the better? Legs too thick or too thin people are not suitable to wear, and wear the popular narrow pants when the time is not suitable to wear. Recently, because the Hollywood film actor wearing a quadruple pants appearance, coupled with the market more and more cotton pants, so the four pants have a resurgence trend. Generally believed that the briefs and briefs can reduce the tie and friction, and keep the cool, but if blindly wide trousers to achieve the purpose of cool, that with the previous "really cool" uncle shorts What is the difference? Therefore, the choice of four pants should try to fit, choose cotton texture than the cotton texture of the personal, so set in the suit pants do not seem bloated. But in fact, the current design of the four pants are not the most perfect. Because when wearing trousers, even if the more fit the pants may still roll up part of the trousers. Therefore, the market appears improved four-angle cotton trousers, in the trousers part of the package edge, but the legs are too tight to wear tightly tight. Four: wear men's low waist jeans to reveal underwear side? Ultra-bottom waist pants in Japan and South Korea quite prosperous, the first wear will be a bit not used to, before and after the ditch. This question is quite interesting. Asked my friend to see some male singers so wear on stage performances, I asked the trend is to wear it like this? My opinion is the trend can not be rigidly with, if you feel that the body simply refused to wear this way, and the market is not with low waist jeans underwear. Although they are more cloth than the traditional briefs, but because of the trend, not cheap Oh. The same time as the above- (Editor: Night)

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