Patek Philippe men’s classic jewelry

Patek Philippe in 1933 to the New York banker Henry Graves delivered his as early as eight years ago custom pocket watch, since the complex pocket watch manufacturing created a standard. Graves requires the production of one of the world's most complex pocket watch when ordering, and the only pocket watch that he gets is a mechanical wonders of more than 900 parts that can calculate sunrise, sunset and star time, and can also display New York constellation. Patek Philippe did not only create a more complex pocket watch than the 24 complex function tables until 1989. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the company, Patek Philippe launched the Caliber 89, which only about 0.4 kg of pocket watch contains 33 kinds of complex functions and 1728 parts. 10 years later, Graves pocket watch in a Sotheby's auction in the auction of the astronomical price - 11 million US dollars. "This is an astronomical figure," said Larry Pettinelli, president of Patek Philippe America Inc. "I believe it will increase interest in pocket watches, especially complex pocket watches." For Patek Philippe (the company is the Sotheby's auction at the low bidder), the Graves pocket watch on the recent launch of several pocket watch also has inspiration, including this after eight years of development and the introduction of Star Caliber 2000. Pocket watch a total of 21 complex functions, including the moon phase and constellation movement. Pettinelli said: "The spirit of innovation is one of the essence of Patek Philippe, the company president, Mr. Weisi Deng Deng to build these pocket watches, hoping to get an unprecedented masterpiece.Although these pocket watch followed our historical tradition, but we in the process of innovation Watchmakers, case craftsmen and gift box designers also put forward higher requirements. (Editor: A Choi)

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