Men’s detail accessories make your overall temperament improved

The same time as the above- The same time as the above-
Soft to let you relax If you still have time in your business trip to relax their own words, it is a business line is certainly not a business line. Prepare yourself a set of perfect leisure equipment is to enhance the personal charm of the secret weapon. Baseball cap, casual long scarf, plus a large capacity of leisure bags are essential. 1. Wool cap hat warm performance is very good, the design is full of sports wind Boss Green 2. Dark brown belt, to retain the natural leather texture, style between the leisure and dress between. Boss Orange 3. Long knitted scarves are autumn and winter trends, green and white stripes, very eye-catching design. Boss Green 4. Black bag is quite Gothic gentleman style, large capacity is also very practical. Gucci 5. dark blue and light blue with color, quite the sea breeze feeling. Hugo 6. Baseball cap is also an indispensable leisure travel, whether it is golf course or walk the streets of Paris are enough fashion. Boss Green 7. occasional bar party or Party, blue gradient leather leather shoes for your sense of fashion extra points. Prada The same time as the above-
details make a difference 1. Golden brown fisherman hat, slightly metallic texture than the average fisherman hat is more suitable for formal occasions. Z Zegna 2. British oblique striped tie is still popular, red and white color can be broken suit dull tones. Ermenegildo Zegna 3. wide-brimmed hat in the banquet occasions can increase your sense of fashion. Hugo 4. Large briefcase can accommodate the complex documents, while the texture of the package leather and get rid of the traditional briefcase of the rigid impression. Samsonite 5. The same oblique striped tie, with dark blue and white match will make you look clean and tidy. Ermenegildo Zegna 6. Round Z-like logo Z Zegna is the traditional logo, high-quality leather to upgrade your taste. Z Zegna 7. brown gradient patent leather slightly low-key, so with the dress will not look too eye-catching. Prada The same time as the above- (Editor: A Choi)

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