Movement and honor coordination

The same time as the above-
At this time has been a high-level leather goods famous French brand Charles Jourdan, but to subvert the traditional impression, the new diamond table sports leisure expression, introduced Sensation sports leisure table. The use of fresh and transparent rubber table to outline the dynamic sense of Sensation, the fashion mood into the watch design, clear spring and summer pink color strap, with three laps studded with 0.728 karats of real drilling and mother of pearl face Plate, the young, distinguished two very different momentum cleverly compatible. As for the function of the watch surface, will male Watches and clocks of the complex process and the perfect combination of the surface of the atmosphere, with the top set the quality of watches and clocks. In addition, it is particularly worth mentioning that each SENSATION sports table are attached with a custom wooden box, the box contains the same color leather strap, the consumer can be replaced by elegant and elegant high-level diamond table form, Of the changes to change the style of watches, for the young upstart, the nature of mobility can meet the needs of the shape. The same time as the above- (Editor: A Choi)

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