How should men choose their own outdoor watches?

The same time as the above- What is an outdoor watch

Outdoor watches are people who can wear in the sport, and have one or several professional sports required functions. It can be in the course of your movement to provide detailed data on the environment, the athletes have a supplementary guidance in terms of meaning, more specifically, the outdoor watch is not simply a table, more like a high-tech equipment.

In addition to ordinary watches, outdoor watches in addition to waterproof, shock, anti-collision, anti-friction, there are pressure prediction, height, rhythm, compass four powerful features, in addition, other value-added features may also have a tide display, computer Operation, GPS and other emerging features. The current popular outdoor watch material is made of high quality stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, rubber, carbon fiber, ceramic alloy, etc., choose different materials to highlight the user's unique personality.

The same time as the above- How to choose outdoor watches

The first group of people: love skiing, mountain climbing and other requirements of the high outdoor activities

Best choice: professional outdoor watch

For those who are keen on skiing, mountain climbing, adventure and other outdoor activities, the requirements for outdoor watches will be higher, the common function of several functions far less than its real needs, so choose a thermometer, barometer, altimeter , Timer, electronic backlight, alarm clock, data storage, automatic calendar, the world city time, solar and other functions of the outdoor watch is necessary.

Best Recommended: Casio Sport Series (RMB 4090)

Features: comfortable shape coupled with lighter weight plastic strap, automatic electronic fluorescent lighting and easy to operate the adjustment button for professional outdoor experts to provide a convenient. This outdoor table with a triple sensor, solar cells, 200 meters of the strongest waterproof function, is a strong outdoor sports watch. In addition to the professional outdoor sports to provide compass direction, height, pressure and temperature measurement function, but also with the moon data, tide map and other functions, especially for mountaineering, yacht competition and other professional sports.

The first group of people: want to have a solid and practical, suitable for everyday wear outdoor watch

The same time as the above- The best choice: leisure outdoor watch

This type of crowd on the table of additional features are not too much demand, select a basic outdoor features that is the date, lighting, alarm clock, waterproof, temperature measurement, compass and other functions of the all-weather watch can be. Of course, if you have a stylish, strong and other advantages on the better, these watches focus on the appearance of fine, well-made, the durability of the watch have a higher standard.

The same time as the above- Best advise: Songtuo X-Lander (RMB 3690)

Features: Rugged design structure, anti allergy Aluminum alloy shell fully embodies the design of human nature, and has an accurate electronic compass, accurate altimeter and barometer. Wide display, large readings, and background light allow you to read clearly under any conditions. In addition, the durable natural crystal watch cover with black leather waterproof watch more highlights the dignity of noble temperament.

The third group of people: love to engage in a number of sports fever Friends

The same time as the above- Best choice: multi-function outdoor watch

For those who like to engage in a number of sports "mad people", the choice should be more than two types of watch functions in one of the outdoor watch. Appearance is not surprising table contains unlimited technology content, some have Heart rate Monitor the watch, is the player's good partner.

The same time as the above- Best Recommended: Song Tuo X6HRT (RMB12990)

Features: This outdoor appearance for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts is a sports instrument, because it has an outdoor watch in addition to the basic functions, but also with high-tech signal transmitter, heart rate monitor, not only able to Record and analyze the data presented in your movement, improve your athletic performance, and measure and analyze the surroundings, minimizing the risk of outdoor unknown areas.

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