Men’s shavers should be cleaned at all times

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According to Taiwan's experts survey, the razor has more than 125 times more bacteria than the toilet cover.

The razor does not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to make bacteria and other stolen things adsorbed on the blade. If the face skin There is damage, after use is likely to cause infection.

Doctors recommend that the razor should be cleaned in a timely manner, under normal circumstances, after each run must be clean. The blade-type razor removes the blade after each use, removes the residue adsorbed on the blade with a brush or cotton. After two or three times, the blade can be soaked in alcohol and then wiped with cotton.

Electric razor should be used for 2 to 3 times. Clean, first with a small brush to brush the remaining in the knife on the broken and skin dander, and then dipped in alcohol on the cotton ball gently wipe the grease on the blade, but do not use some hard things to scraping , Otherwise it is easy to damage the blade.

Whether it is blade type or electric razor, after cleaning, it is best to wipe some oil on the blade to prevent rust.

(Editor: A Choi)

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