Swiss Army knife spring spring perfume makes you feel more fresh

Swiss Army knife spring spring perfume - feel fresh Swiss way
Swiss Army knife spring spring perfume is one of the best modern perfume art. The release of abnormal Icy fresh aroma, but also to capture the Swiss glacier that clear and transparent atmosphere, after the laboratory modulation and then into perfume. Shining fresh "mountain Oxygen" makes its fragrance precious, and the alpine moss is also playing an important role, this strong mountain plants can withstand extreme cold and dry, emitting a wonderful fresh fresh , Coerced with a slight salty mineral atmosphere.
Moreover, the Swiss Army Dao Shanquan perfume also contains black pepper, refreshing mint and sage, rosemary, moss and patchouli mixed wood fragrance, so that male Masculine atmosphere to further highlight it. Blue bottle of inspiration is from the Swiss Alps mountain spring water, enhanced perfume expressiveness: Swiss Army knife spring men's fragrance led us into the depths of the blue glacier. (Editor: A Choi)

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