Man “head” and other major events – hair loss

Dandruff, oil, Hair loss , The three men "head"

Do not ignore the dandruff and the oil before the hair loss, they are not only your young performance

Various updated beauty knowledge tells men, skin Easy to oil, raw Acne And other trouble is not just the young people's patents, life stress, smoking and drinking bad habits such as the cumulative will make it intensified, hair problems as well. Especially with age, male Hormones are increased, and when the pill is bound to an enzyme called 5-alpha reduction (enzyme), it produces a culinary hormone dihydrodetone (DHT) that causes hair loss. And this process is gradual, even if you have not been a serious hair loss, can not blindly complacent, at least, more and more difficult to clean the hair has revealed a bad signal.

Dandruff, oil, hair loss, men three "head"

How to wash also wash the shirt collar and the "June snow" embarrassing situation, so that men are always crowned "dirty" bad name, hundred Mo Mo. Here we have to help the people go to the snow - dandruff, the oil is related to male hormones and physical, and these two problems is the "male hair loss" precursor.

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