Men “survive” hairstyle DIY steps

The same time as the above-

The same time as the above- "Survive" the basic steps of hair:

1, from the top of the head from the inside to the external tip twist pinch hair bundle, spread to the surrounding, control the balance of the entire shape.

2, if the front part of the bang need to shape, can be raised and screwed up the tip. (Note: excessive use will make hair become cumbersome)

3, take the size of the small thumb wax painted palm.

4, evenly applied to all parts of the hair, and then in the hair root at the cross fingers, palm gently press the head to push the hair upright.

5, if the use of wax in the case of simple, your hair will still be in a few hours after the "fall", then you should use spray gelatin to further stereotypes. Spray the container up at 15 to 25 cm from the hair (such as the downward spray will cause the gas to drain, leaving only the contents). After the completion of stereotypes should avoid combing, or prone to white dust.

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