Tide men skin care trilogy

Why a man does not have a decent head, how to come out of the mix? In fact, there must be a decent head and face is not difficult, but some small Do you know if you know?

Let you eye-catching eye-catching beauty method

1. vinegar to shine

Oily skin people every morning up, his face will be glowing shiny, wash your face with cleanser can remove excess oil, but it is likely to damage the stratum corneum, causing the oil outside the dry, to stimulate the secretion of large amounts of oil. If in 30 degrees Celsius half basin of water, pour a bottle of white vinegar wash your face, both to shine, but also clean the epidermis extra cuticle, to avoid harming the stratum corneum. After washing the face skin Feeling smooth and tight. At the same time do not forget to use the appropriate moisturizing products to prevent the phenomenon of oil outside the dry.

2. Paper mask to play the role of waste heat to do cervical membrane

A paper paste mask in the face after 15 minutes, do not lose. It will be moved to the neck and then the whole 5 minutes, you can use as a cervical membrane. Note that the head slightly back a little, the top of the mask deposited in the chin below the head and neck connection, so as to make the neck skin color and face consistent.

3. Apply daily skin care products

Every day morning and evening smear skin care products, you are not always painted directly on the face of the So that skin care effect can be much worse. Whether it is the essence, the emulsion or water, cream skin care products, it is best to rub with his hands before rubbing 10, with hand temperature to skin care products, and then smear on the face. And so absorbed by the face after all, and then rubbing 10, gently press the whole face to help improve the absorption, your little face will be more rosy health Oh.

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