Ten ways to prevent men acne breeding

1, can not help but touch your face. This often causes bacteria to breed on the face of the skin, resulting in acne. Hair is sometimes clean and sometimes easy to stimulate facial skin, grow annoying acne.

2, quilts, bed sheets, pillows, wash towels, etc. should always keep clean. Sun exposure is the best disinfection, UV has the effect of killing bacteria.

3, like to eat sweets and not homemade is an important factor in causing evergreen acne. Sugar more cake and carbohydrates and more dessert most likely to cause acne. In addition, peanuts and other nuts should also try to eat less. Amy boys and girls are better on these food At arm's length

4, moderate exercise can promote metabolism, the body and skin have a good effect, 3 minutes a day of gymnastics, is to keep the absolute skin of the absolute secret Oh!

5, fast food, snacks and other garbage food ,Easily causes constipation ; Love supper not only for the stomach is not good, and will cause constipation, will lead to acne.

6, eat some natural non-artificial additives of food, vegetable fiber fruits and vegetables and yogurt; eat more vegetables, because eating carrots, spinach, green peppers, cauliflower, etc. can enhance the resistance to bacteria, of course, a balanced diet Also very important.

7, the spirit of the pressure will cause sebum secretion strong, but also the cause of acne, happy mood will let acne away.

8, no matter how busy, the latest at 11 o'clock please go to bed go to bed Right now. Skin metabolism is usually from 11 pm to midnight at two o'clock, the time to adjust your physiological clock, it will not Fuqi self-pity.

9, wash your face is the first step in beautiful skin, but sooner or later twice or sweating, dirty and then wash enough. If over-cleaned, will be skin On the protection of oil completely washed away, causing the skin too dry, for the skin has a lot of damage, may be infected with bacteria, can not ignore.

10, the use of UV sunscreen to prevent the foundation, and remember that before going to bed must be completely remover, or grease will plug the pores, grow acne, the next morning can not only wash with water in a hurry even if, of course, can also moderate Exfoliating, massage for the skin massage!

(Editor: Wang Shaohua)

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